Spider Woman Hangs on to Cell Phone with FLYGRIP

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Spider Woman Hangs on to Cell Phone with FLYGRIP

Okay, I'm not Spider Woman, but the possibility was a fun idea. OTOH, how to monetize IP communications or any kind of communications or anything at all in 2012? 

- Appeal to fashion sense? ✔ 
- Help avoid losses? ✔ 
- Save time? ✔ 
- Add convenience? ✔ 
- Treat your customers well? ✔ 

The above describe the experience I had from the beginning to this point with FlyGrip product and team. The beginning was a chance meeting at a Showstoppers event and International CTIA Wireless 2012 conference. The middle was a personalized, thoughtful dialogue (email and post letter) with Abbie of FlyGrip. As a result, I created a video review as a Thank You to FlyGrip team ... to share with people I value ... like you. BTW, my FlyGrip is purple, my favorite color, and I confess that I am a chronic cell phone dropper.

When you have time, visit my company's website and FlyGrip's at http://www.astraqom.com and http://www.flygrip.com

Jim Machi, my fellow TMCnet blogger, also shares news on CTIA 2012 at http://blog.tmcnet.com/industry-insight/2012/05/real-live-video-conferencing-of-smart-devices-on-lte-wifi-and-3g.html. And ... another FlyGrip review by Atlanta Computer Man.
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