What is that Box at the Bottom of the Cell Tower?

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What is that Box at the Bottom of the Cell Tower?

All of us in the Internet protocol-based communications and technologies business are some of the luckiest professionals in the world. Whether you have a liberal arts or engineering or science or other background, there is room and need for all of us. People who know me laugh at how much I talk about flying around to different conferences, exhibitions or just to meet a dozen customers within a couple hours' drive from each other. The reasons that I travel and participate in these meetups and other events are not just a part of sales or customer service or vendor / partner search.

A huge part of my rationale is to learn more about the jargon, the horizontal and vertical applications, the building blocks such as the open source and proprietary, the people who invent, the ones who make it work, and the ones who evangelize. Once I learn anything new, I can't wait to share that knowledge with others. The most recent "gem" I found is Transition Networks and their Senior Product Manager Jon Collins, a company that provides networks over fiber to anywhere from anywhere. How did I found out about them? An annual highly important conference in Singapore named CommunicAsia!


There's an audio podcast interview you can listen to between me and Mr.joncollins_transitionnetworks_small.jpg Collins. Feel free to listen. In it we discuss:

1. Transition Networks S3280 for mobile and backhaul delivery
2. Their network of resellers in over 100 nations
3. How Transition Networks compares to competitors
4. Metro Ethernet forums
5. IEEE 1588 Timing
6. IPV6 and dual stack addressing which eliminates network address translation
7. ITU G8031 and G8032 for protection mechanisms
8. Failover
9. Bandwidth rate limiting
10. Small form factor that is easily added to the base of a cell tower
11. At 7:02 into the podcast ... a very easy to understand explanation of backhaul delivery and what is behind the scene when we make and receive cell phone calls

Listen to Mr. Jon Collins of Transition Networks explain the routing of cell phone calls over wireless networks and how the backhaul connects from the cell tower back to a cell phone whether that traffic is voice, gaming, video, or text.

Industry trivia: Transition Networks was founded in 1987 when a Ford Mustang cost $9,209, and Clive Sinclair launched his Z88 Portable Computer that weighed under two pounds. Visit Transition Networks' website at http://www.transition.com, CommunicAsia, and our AstraQom podcast channel. Let's meet up at some of the IP communications and mobile conferences that my company recommends. Last, don't forget the 2012 Wireless Backhaul Distinction Award.

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