Don't Stop ITEXPO Momentum, Head to Comptel this Weekend Next

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Don't Stop ITEXPO Momentum, Head to Comptel this Weekend Next

Elena and I found ourselves surrounded by real gems at ITEXPO West this week in Austin, Texas. Our neighbors to the left were the SpiceWorks and their lovely lounge just for exhibitors and also the awesome team who produce ITEXPO events, TMC (The Marketing Corporation) were nearby. In the same row are some great industry friends ... IPsmarx, SIPROUTES, and Reve Systems. To our left were some of the Comptel Team. Watch our interview with the CEO of Comptel Jerry James. COMPTEL PLUS  Fall 2012 is known as a highly respected event and association. The event starts the Sunday following the last day of ITEXPO West. It will be in Dallas. So why go home after ITEXPO West? Head over the Dallas!



CEO of TW Telecom Ms. Larissa Herda is keynote speaker on Sunday for COMPTEL PLUS  Fall 2012 Their annual CEO Breakfast for Comptel members only will listen to speaker CEO Royce Holland of Masergy, a software cloud company. Mr. Jerry James says you'll be able to gather information from and develop business with service providers for retail and wholesale, vendors for thoses service providers, engineering experts (which he notes that everyone has to have), and also legal and taxing authorities. Participants will be able to take part in a golfing event on Sunday. Monday night, one of their members, from BTI of Canada, will entertain with his own band to the crowd of around 2000. Three percent of the attendees of COMPTEL PLUS  Fall 2012 are international. (I believe that ITEXPO attracts about 15 % international. Approximately 55 % of the DIDX wholesale membership is international, all service providers and wholesale telecom entities. I'll check on the accurate figures for ITEXPO West and East and also DIDX soon.)


Mr. Jerry James mentions one cool feature that COMPTEL PLUS  Fall 2012 offers that most do not ... a business planner, somewhat like the one that Jeff Pulver used to use with the VON shows. Everyone is connected in advance to all other attendees who will be at COMPTEL PLUS  Fall 2012. Each can start networking and setting up meetings before COMPTEL PLUS  Fall 2012 even begins.


Sounds like they have taken the best of other conferences and put them all into one great experience. So, if you're already at ITEXPO West in Austin (which is absolutely productive and rewarding) this week, don't go back home Friday. Head over to Dallas for COMPTEL PLUS  Fall 2012! Visit or
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