Need Eight Arms to See Social Media ROI nbm

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Need Eight Arms to See Social Media ROI nbm

What keeps so many companies from using social media? The bossThumbnail image for illustration.jpg asks important questions, "Where’s the ROI of social media? Why should I gamble my marketing team's time? How do we make the most out of the world's vast volume of digital data in the area of social media?" 


Oktopost, a hot, new social media marketing platform for business looks like it fits the "effective use of social media" bill. It enables you with the least effort to publish social messages, converse with prospects and generate leads. It lets you use its computational techniques and software in the cloud for analyzing huge volumes of data that even the best multi-tasker in your organization could never begin to achieve.

Oktopost enables companies for the first time to say “This new customer came from this LinkedIn post (or this tweet).” Oktopost enables its users to track closed sales back to the originating social media interaction (e.g. tweet, LinkedIn post). 


Several of my industry friends at DIDX, at conferences I participate in, on Skype, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and TelecomYou have recommended Oktopost to me, so that is why I checked it out and am now sharing it with my readers. My friends talk about how difficult it is for most of them to use social media effectively and how Oktopost has made their work lives less stressful and more productive. Most of them normally feel lost in the swamp of LIKE, FOLLOW, PIN, and THUMBS UP or DOWN and would love for trusted, automated algorithms to take over.

Thumbnail image for campaign-dashboard.jpgPerry Nalevka, a friend of mine since his MobileMax days, works with Oktopost, so I have some inside information about how it works. He gave me a tour which showed some great features such as truly leveraging all of Linkedin's best networking and business development tools that most of us do not have time to work with.

Oktopost saves time and effort and gives promising leads that we don't even realize are waiting for us in social media. Also once a company sets up an Oktopost account with the social profiles of all the people associated with the company, each of those people can participate in posting to the company account. In turn, Oktopost enables one to post to all connected Linkedin individual accounts and Linkedin group accounts that one is allowed to access.


Let's say we post to 100 different Linkedin groups a certain discussion question. The Oktopost social inbox would collect those messages. Instead of wasting time, logging into Linkedin and opening each Group and each message from any Individual; all is collected in one place on Oktopost. We can answer each from Oktopost, but those answers post back to the correct location in Linkedin. Cool!


What is the difference between Oktopost and Hootsuite or Oktopost and TweetDeck? Social inbox and post to call to action to leads' conversion, for one. Oktopost seems to pay more attention to detail, almost as if its automated algorithms are smarter. I mentioned how much easier that Oktopost is to use than other platforms like it that I have tried. It has scheduled messaging available and in addition, a message manager where one can save message templates to use over and over.


The analyses tools are the best such as the ability to see how many clicks on each message, see which social media platform is more effective for each type of message, which Linkedin groups were most interested, and to keep track of one's calls to action and the resulting leads. How does Oktopost do the last item? It gives the Oktopost user some code to include on their website and elsewhere that automates the conversions! What would normally take a marketing teams days to complete ... can take as little as ten minutes with Oktopost.


It is also possible to integrate Oktopost with Sales Force, Google Analytics, BaseCamp or Marketo.


I think Oktopost will not take the place of a company's marketing team regarding social media, but it will make it so much more efficient, ROI-friendly, and able to convert "calls to action" to leads. Social media is big data that is begging to be mined for the benefit of businesses and their customers.


Since ITEXPO East 2013 in Miami Beach is right around the corner, why not use it for that. I'll be at booth 337 near DIDX, Xorcom, VoipSwitch, Five9, BlockDos and the Spiceworks Exhibitor Lounge. Sign up now for a free Oktopost trial at (For each sign up through my link, I will donate money to Big Brothers Big Sisters whose mission is to help children reach their potential by providing professionally supported, one-to-one relationships that have a measurable impact.)

Also let me know also if you plan to run the ING Miami Beach marathon the weekend before ITEXPO. I am doing the 1/2.

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