From Powerpuff Mechanics to a Connected Cars Future

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From Powerpuff Mechanics to a Connected Cars Future

andreasroczynski_telenorconnexion.jpgThanks to Connected Cars 2013, we share the first of a series of audio podcast interviews with connected vehicle experts. Andrea Sroczynski, Telenor Connexion's Head of Region Germany / Head of Global Automotive Sales discusses her IT, telematics, and automobile dealership background, positive outlook as a women involved in M2M, and her company's role in the Connected Cars industry and the possibilities of M2M (machine to machine) with connected vehicles. The Connected Cars13 conference, which is co-located with LTE World Summit June 25 - 26, 2013 in Amsterdam, includes speakers from automotive OEMs such as Lamborghini's Mirdo Buzzoni and from the Connected Car ecosystem such as Telenor Connexion's Ms. Sroczynski and Audible's Guy Story.

As an aside I asked for Andrea's insight on being one of the few women involved in top level connected automobile career position in a positive way and says, "It is not normal that I am a lady in this industry. It is unfortunate which is pro and con, I must say. The pros most definitely are bigger. If you are not one of the mass, you really can stick out. If you prove that you are really good and have success with good results in your career."

I recalled in our talk about when I conducted a Powerpuff Mechanics class at a Florida middle school one summer in the mid 90s. Our goals then were to know how to change the oil and air filter, adjust all fluids as needed and know the parts under the hood of a manual Toyota Camry. Ms. Sroczynski replies in the interview with how much different that class would be today and in the future because of M2M Connected Cars advances.

She says that Telenor is one of the pioneers in M2M as of around 2003 when it began connecting Volvo cars. Telenor Group, as a result, founded Telenor Connexion. View the Telenor Connexion timeline website. 

On May 2, 2013, Japanese operator KDDI partnered with Telenor Connexion which is perfect to strengthen its global M2M offering. Other partners include Ericsson, Sierra Wireless, Logica, and SIM Services. Some of their customers are Hitachi Construction Machinery, Volvo cars, Nissanand TomTom.


Listen to the Connected Cars audio podcast on the DIDX audio podcast channel between me Suzanne Bowen and Andrea Sroczynski to find out more on how Telenor Connexion supports car manufacturers with connectivity solutions. Telenor Connexion is on the web at with links to news, their blog, list of customers and partners, as well as opportunities to work with them. Andrea is scheduled as one of the Connected Cars13 speakers. Also check back on TMCnet Monetizing IP Communications news updates soon for summaries of and links to more audio podcast with Connected Car experts from Machina Research, the BBC, Audible, Turk Cell, SBD, Roximity, Toogethr, TNO and Linux Foundation.

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