The DID is Dead and T-Mobile Revived It

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The DID is Dead and T-Mobile Revived It


The DID is dead? T-Mobile proves your phone number, your digits, your DID (direct inward dialing) are a hot commodity! Move over webRTC, IoT and big data. The traditional contact form is still around. T-Mobile's Digits is like AT&T NumberSync and Google Voice, but in some ways better. The service's name reaches out to the present and future, too, as "digits" are what younger people often ask for when wanting to get in touch with each other, not "direct inward dialing" as in IP communications industry or "phone number" as is traditional. T-Mobile could be poised to grab competitors' customers and retain them because of some highly pertinent and useful features of Digits like one number rings on several devices or several phone numbers, each used for unique facets of one's life.

Digits enables T-Mobile's users to have a single phone number that points to and rings to multiple devices even in addition to the main smart phone, including computers, other phones, tablets, and even wearables like the Mobvoi Ticwatch2. Where Digits truly surpasses competition and truly warms the hearts of users are in its features like advanced call forwarding support. Like the perks that many call forwarding, virtual phone line and virtual phone number service providers already offer who use wholesale, Voxbone, DIDww, DIDLogic and VoIP Innovations to buy phone numbers and resell them to their customers... T-Mobile's Digits lets users buy as many phone numbers as they want and point them to ring to even a single device. It makes available temporary phone numbers, awesome for things like your short term Craigslist, eBay and Amazon sales listings, for special events like conferences and festivals, or just anytime the user does not feel good about sharing a certain business or personal number.

Here is the clincher, the shocker! And I have written quite a bit on business collaboration among "competitors." T-Mobile numbers even work with phones and devices that use AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Credo Wireless and other competing service networks. Simply download T-Mobile's Digits app to the device. Whether a user needs additional phone numbers to maintain ability to receive calls from VIP no matter where he or she is...whether the main phone number is the personal number and the additional number is the business number, separating work from personal...whether traveling means using a different carrier than T-Mobile...well, time to take a deep, relaxing breath of fresh air.

T-Mobile's Digits enables what is currently offered by a hodge podge of VoIP services that are currently available such as Rebtel and Skype. What makes T-Mobile's offer different is that it is a single solution with carrier-grade technology and from one of the world's most popular mobile service carriers.

Want to try T-Mobile Digits? Current subscribers have been beta testing in late 2016. This year 2017 is when anyone can take advantage at very low subscription cost, T-Mobile says.

What is your opinion of a service like Digits? What do you think about this powerhouse T-Mobile rolling out a service like this after over 35,000 have done so worldwide (per the number of signups)? How does Digits as noted to other companies' similar innovations? Let's talk about it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr...and in person at ITEXPO in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this week Feb. 8 - 10, 2017.

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