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Communications Tech Development = Code + Human Resources > Enter OpenSIPs Summit 2017 Amsterdam

A big difference between a successful communications technology corporation, startup or project and a flop is the development of the solution behind it all. Development = code + human resources. Trust, experience and knowledge are the three must-haves in rolling out new products and services that customers, user members, and investors love. OpenSIPs offers all three to assist you with your current human resources or to hire new and the code that works, that adds new and improved features as innovative developers provide. Don't settle for freelancing site offers from developers you have never met, social media updates about what is best from businesses and organizations you know nothing about. Don't miss OpenSIPs Summit 2017.

art-hardrockcafe-washingtondc.jpgWhich famous person would you be on our OpenSIPs Summit Amsterdam dinner boat ride through historic, exhilarating canals? (Image is from beautiful art by at the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington DC.)

The perfect example of a communications tech company that is setting the bar (with development such as OpenSIPs) for many of us is Telnyx, a key sponsor for OpenSIPs Summit 2017. The trendsetting business sponsors, speaks at, exhibits and hosts parties at events such as ITEXPO, Enterprise Connect, Cluecon and OpenSIPs Summit. Visit their website and be thrilled with the encouraging words: "BE YOUR OWN CARRIER® Bringing businesses the next evolution of real-time communications." Dave Casem, the CEO and founder, started the company in 2009 because he knew he could provide maximum flexibility and great value-add features in wholesale space. He's got a fresh, honest, outgoing attitude, and so does his team and the solutions his company provides. Meet him and other smart, collaborative communications technology business and technical developers like him at OpenSIPs May 2 - 5.

20161018_180355.jpgPictured is Telnyx headquarters in Chicago.

Send your technology developers to OpenSIPs Summit 2017, or find the developers you need there. Your marketing and executive teams need to immerse themselves into the new IoT, big data, voice and video over Internet, chat, Internet SMS, mobile app, social media and other integrated service opportunities that are powered in the background with OpenSIPs. Have your software and app developers mix with the brightest minds behind the biggest Internet communications and technology development sensations.

Learn how to propel your company into one that its users never want to
leave. Make your startup, your CLEC, your MNO or MVNO, your multi-location contact center business, and your mobile app and social media company something that appeals to all generations: the team playing, civic oriented GIs; the optimistic, technology envisioning baby boomers; the entrepreneurial, individualistic Generation X; the digitally literate, highly organized Generation Y / Millennials; and the savvy consuming, more interracially mixed Generation Z / boomlets.

Don't have any developers on the payroll yet and need some to start a new service or to improve and expand? At OpenSIPs, discover the right people to hire and the right consultants to guide you now who are trusted, experienced and knowledgeable. Take advantage of one on one talks, panel discussions, intense workshops and more.

OpenSIPs Summit is May 2 - 5, 2017 in the most exciting city of the world: Amsterdam, Netherlands! At the Summit, your human resources will participate in sessions on native clustering support, enhanced SIP (session initiation protocol) capturing capabilities, Quality Based Routing, VoIP security and more in presentations and workshops with world-renowned international speakers and collaborations. An exciting Round Table talk is planned. There are design clinics for one to one conversations about your project or application for expert opinions and perspectives. Plus one full day of total immersive Advanced OpenSIPs training with highly effective, veteran project developers and leads.

BogdenAnrei_lancu.jpgPictured is Bogdan Iancu, founder of OpenSIPs.

A special boat dinner trip is planned during OpenSIPs Summit 2017 through breathtaking canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands, thanks to VoiceTel, VoiceCenter (Israel), VoIPGrid (Netherlands),  Qxip, RateTel (with an impressive array of business partners), Telnyx (Chicago), and OpenSIPs Solutions. The arts, music, nightlife, excellent public transportation and total walkability make the city so much fun outside actual Summit hours. With the friendly participants of OpenSIPs such as me Suzanne Bowen, VP and co-founder of Suzahdi (leather jacket fashion brand), you will have others to hang out with practically anytime. Plus ... someone will win a totally, bad-to-the-bone leather jacket by Suzahdi.

Speaker proposals and sponsorship applications are being accepted for a limited time at Just click on "Call for Speakers" and the sponsorship link at the bottom of the page. Register now. See you in Amsterdam May 2 - 5, 2017 at OpenSIPs Summit!

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