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DTV Coalition Likes Senate Commerce Committee Talk on Public Safety Challenges

February 8, 2007

TheHigh-Tech DTV (that'd be Digital Television) Coalition likes what it is hearing from the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee these days.

In fact, the group, comprised of leading information technology companies that would supply the migration to Digital tv-  (the Coalition) has just issued a statement saying that in fact, is so.

"The High Tech DTV Coalition applauds the Senate Commerce Committee for its efforts to provide solutions to the public safety communications challenges," the group says. " Today's hearing confirms our view that the goal of advanced, interoperable communications for first responders is achievable.  Congress has set us on the right path with the DTV Act.  What's needed now are prompt implementation, increased funding, and strong leadership to provide the most effective solution for public safety's future."

To reinforce their approval of the Committee's hearings, the Coalition's statement then points out that the hearings seem to offer an acknowledgement that at least some Senators seem to be getting it right about first responders.

"There is broad agreement that fundamental change is needed in managing public safety spectrum," the Coalition says.

Here's the details:

Testimony confirms that the current fragmented approach to managing public safety spectrum is inefficient and prevents the introduction of advanced broadband systems.

We should not repeat past mistakes. We should put public safety spectrum to work now by building a nationwide network using the latest commercial technologies to enable the most advanced applications and equipment.

The 24 MHz represents a unique opportunity to put aside old practices that resulted in highly inefficient and non-interoperable networks. Continued adherence to old practices is not sufficient justification for more spectrum.

A nationwide, interoperable, broadband network is achievable.

• Advanced technologies are available today to provide first responders with the data and multimedia capabilities they need.
• The 24 MHz of new spectrum provided by Congress would support a robust, interoperable broadband network that would serve public safety's needs well into the future, assuming it's used effectively.

Next, a broad path on how we get there is outlined.

• Successful implementation of the DTV Act requires that $12B+ in spectrum be auctioned, with monies used to accelerate the transition, clear the spectrum, and fund various programs including $1B for interoperability and more than $7B for deficit reduction.
• Reducing the auctioned spectrum by half would reduce the revenues by considerably more than half, and Cyren offers no plausible way to fill the gap.

Cyren Call imposes significant risks on first responders, rural Americans and taxpayers.

• Cyren Call wants the government to place a very risky bet – putting all its money on a commercial network that is managed by public safety.
• Failure has a high price, and first responders, rural Americans who lack broadband, and taxpayers stand to lose the most.

The Members of the High-Tech DTV Coaltion are:

  • Alcatel, Aloha Partners, Dell, Cisco Systems , Intel, Microsoft , Qualcomm, Texas Instruments , T-MobileVerizon Wireless, The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), The National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) ,The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), The Rural Telecommunications Group and The Business Software Alliance.

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