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Kentucky Bill Would Fine Sites for Anonymous Postings
Judge Denies Viacom's $1 Billion Infringement Claim Against Google
Fort Sam Houston: We Have a Problem With Google Street View
UK Court: Nokia Didn't Infringe on Two Qualcomm Patents
FCC Commissioner: Let's Do More Testing Before We Abandon Analog
UK Site Shuts Down After Unintentionally Leaking Classified Info
Virginia Supreme Court Upholds Spammer Conviction
FCC 700 MHz Wireless Spectrum Auction Update: 132 Rounds, 1,89 Licenses, $19.6 Billion
Wireless Innovation Alliance To Congress: Let FCC "White Space" Research Continue!
EFF Files Suit Against DOJ Seeking Info About Communications Between Agency and Google
EU Fines Microsoft Record $1.35 Billion
Analyst Recent Announcements Show 802.11n Is Now In Mainstream
FCC Commissioners, Comcast Trade Views In "Packet Discrimination" Hearings
Sparring Match Continues Between NAB, White Spaces Coalition
FCC To Hold Major "Traffic-Shaping" Public Hearing Monday
Blogger Criticizes McCain On His Media Consolidation Legislative Record in U.S. Senate
FCC 700 MHz Spectrum Auction Update: 99 Rounds and Trickling In
RIAA: Fewer DCMA Notices To Illegal Song Traders Proves We're Having an Effect
FCC Doles Out $132,000 In Fines To Wireless Carriers
RIAA Lawsuit Judge: You Have 30 Days To Provide Us With More Info
NIST Claims Breakthroughs In Surface Treatment Techniques for Flexible Displays, "Intelligent Paper"
American Cable Association To FCC: We Need Your Help
FCC 700 MHz Wireless Spectrum Bids Nearing $20 Billion
TIA: Net Neutrality Rules Not Necessary
Save The Internet Coalition Pushing Hard for Rep. Markey's Net Neutrality Bill
Senate Vote Retains Protections For Eavesdropping Telcos; Obama, McCain Split Vote
FCC Reaffirms, Clarifies Reasoning For, 30 Percent Cable Systems Ownership Ceiling
European Commission Raids Intel's Munich Offices
Bluetooth SIG Adding "Smart" 802.11 Option
Apple In Patent Infringement Suit Over itsiTunes Allowance Plan
Court Backs Mean Message Board Commentators' Rights To Do Just That
Unversity of Wisconsin "Badgers" Intel with Patent Infringement Suit
Republican Presidential Frontrunner McCain Skeptical About Net Neutrality
NIST Releases Second Draft Of IPv6 Standards Profile
FCC Approves 12MHz of Spectrum for AT&T
Fluke Networks Joins Metro Ethernet Forum: And Why This Is Important
Assessing The Regulatory Role In a Microsoft Takeover Attempt of Yahoo
FCC 700 MHz Auction Bidding Now Over 11.5 Billion
Femto Forum Meeting May Lead to Femtocells Standards Proposals
Comprehensive Homeland Security Communications Networks Proposed
FCC Wireless Spectrum Auction Continues: Some Blocks Doing Better Than Others
FCC's Analog Cellular Sunset Set for February 18
First Numbers Are In From FCC Wireless Auction
U.S. Energy Regulator Approves Cyper Security Breach Protections
FCC To Begin Second Phase of TV "White Space" Spectrum Device Testing
Payin' The Cost To See "The Boss": Woman Sues StubHub, eBay Over "Illegal" Springsteen Concert Tix Scalping
Litigant Who Is Counter-Suing RIAA Entitled To Attorney's Fees, Court Rules
Why Some Big Telecom Players Are Sitting Out the FCC's 700MHz Spectrum Auction
Here's a Handy List of All 214 Eligible FCC 700MHz Spectrum Auction Appllicants
MySpace Announces Actions To Thwart Sexual Predators
European Commission Now Conducting Two Microsoft Investigations
RIAA's Into "New Wave"...The Twelfth Wave of Threatening College Kids
iPod Surcharge in Canada? No Way, Eh
FBI, Carriers Stumble On Phone Intercept Invoice Issues
China Approves 25 Tech Standards; MMS Improvements Eyed
New York AG Sues Intel: Sounds Like Politics To Me
High-def DVD Format War: More Bad News for HD-DVD
Malfunction, Not Malfeasance: Article Describes The Problems With Electronic Voting Machines
Site Offers State-By-State Rundown Of Cell Phone Usage Laws
FCC Underscores Need for Confidentiality in 700 MHz Spectrum Bidding
Barack Obama's Technology Position Paper: Part 5 of 5
Barack Obama's 2008 Technology Position Paper: Part 4 of 5
Barack Obama's Technology Policy Position Paper: Part 3 of 5
Barack Obama's Technology Position Paper: Part 2 of 5
Barack Obama's Technology Policy Position Paper: Part 1 of 5
Let The Chips Brawl Where They May: It's Broadcom vs. Qualcomm- Again
FBI Biometric Database Plans Explained, Criticized
FTC Releases Voluntary Privacy Guidelines for Online Behavioral Advertising
FCC Relaxes Media Cross-Ownership Rules: Here's My Take On It
U.S. Regulators Approve Google-DoubleClick; Europe Regulators Are Next
Here's The Complete List of Approved FCC 700 MHz Spectrum Participants
FCC Loosens Cross-Media Ownership Rules
XM Satellite Radio Settling Tech Issues With Music Companies
Judge: Child Porn Defendant Does Not Have To Divulge PGP Passphrase
Opera Complains To European Commission About Microsoft's IE Bundling
Standards Body, University Working on Software Development Testing Tool
FCC's December 18 Meeting Will Encompass A Whole Host of Topics
Microsoft Files 52 Suits Against Software Counterfeit Rings
Is The RIAA Now Going After CD Rippers Who Keep To Their Own PCs?
Software Freedom Law Center Sues Verizon For Infringement Over BusyBox In FiOS
Should Echostar Bid On 700 MHz? It Depends On How You Look At The Issues
First-Amendment Advocates Struggle With Their Consciences As Internet "Images" Reporting Bill Clears House
COMPTEL Praises FCC's Forebearance Decision Against Verizon
Key Verizon Competitor Reacts to FCC Network Access Decision
U.S. Congressional Committee About To Make a Long December For FCC Chair
Report: Google Wireless Spectrum Bid Expected Friday
Propsed FCC Regulation Of Cable TV Experiences a Setback
Wi-Fi Alliance Announces Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Voice Personal Initiative
NIST Research: Silicon Chips Prone To Fractures
Five Movie Studios Sue Chinese Online Service for Piracy
Software Freedom Law Center Files Two More GPL Infringement Lawsuits
Phone Industry Association Applauds House Passage of Broadband Census Act
FCC Is Preparing Major New Cable TV Regulations
EU Official: U.S. Internet Users Should Be Free To Bet
Massive Cybercrime Indictment: 17 People, 173 Counts
Further Hearings Requested on Google's DoubleClick Buy Try
Judge Backs EFF In Telco Eavesdropping Case
Sprint-Clearwire WiMAX Deal Maxes Out
Sony's Stringer: Blu-ray, HD DVD In "Stalemate"
Taiwan Mobile: 3.5G HSDPA More Market-Ready Than WiMAX
Opposing Industry Groups Fire Volleys In U.S. Patent Reform Debate
Congressman to Comcast: Quit Blocking BitTorrent Traffic
Senate Approves Seven Year Internet Tx Ban Extension; Now To House For Approval
Report: ITU Set To Approve WiMAX Standard Today
Pro-Choice, Christian Group Sek U.S. Congressional Hearings on Text Messaging Freedoms
New Patent Application Rules Set To Take Effect November 1
RIAA Fires Up The Old Litigation Machine Again- 411 College Students Targeted
Article Gives Name and Face To Google D.C. Lobbyist
Open Source Initiative General Counsel: Patent Trolls Vs. Open Source Is Here
Web Accessibility Suit Against U.S. Retailer Goes Forward
FCC Chair: 22 MHzOpen Access Stays
FTC Gets Restraining Order Against Weight-Loss Spammers
FCC Testing, Disagreements Continue on TV Broadcast "White Spaces" Use for Wi-Fi
Jury To Music Downloading "Infringer": That'll Be $222,000!
Music File-Sharing Lawsuit Now In Jury's Hands
Due To OOXML Row, Finnish Standards Chief is Finished
RIAA vs. Alleged KaZaA Downloader Trial Begins
Carbon Nanotubes on Computer Chips? Yes, and Here's Why This Matters
Microsoft General Counsel Gives U.S. SenateTestimony on Google-DoubleClick Deal
Reports: SFLC, Monsoon Multimedia May Be Heading Toward A Deal
AT&T, Frontline Wireless Petition the FCC About Upcoming Spectrum Auction
Verizon Partner Vodafone States 4G Upgrade Intent:; Where Does That Leave CDMA?
First-Ever GPL-based Lawsuit Filed
UK Regulators Hop on 2G Frequency Assignment Bandwagon
Body Proposes Uniform Charger, Cable Connector Standards for Mobile Devices
A Look At Muni Wi-Fi's Rough Patches
Music Policy Summit Hears Arguments for Net Neutrality
European Court Upholds Microsoft Antitrust Decision
Two U.S. Senators Introduce Cell Phone Consumer Empowerment Act
New Bluetooth BlueCore6 Chipset Should Improve Reception, Power Use
DualCor, Intel In Trademark Duel Over Dual Core
TIA Applauds Passage of H.R. 694 As Boon To Minority Broadband Use
Federal Election Commission To Bloggers: You're Exempt From Regulation!
Here Comes Sun: In Patent Row With Network Appliance
Larry Lessig: Scrape Me Off The Ceiling!
Let The Chips Fall Where They May: Broadcom Fine-Tunes 802.11g vs. 802.11n Strategy
Microsoft Having Trouble Getting Office Open XML Standard Approved
Report: 802.11n Ready For Prime Time As Gigabit Ethernet Replacement
Lobbying Expenditures Revealed For Some U.S. Wireless Carriers
How About Uniform Standards for Solar Panels? Sued Over Sale of Cockfighting Mags
Barred in the USA:
Broadcasters Spar With Microsoft, Others Over Wireless Frequency Use Detection Tech
Google, American Airlines in Keyword Trigger Lawsuit
Former RIAA Defendant Fires Back, Big Time
Class-Action Suit Claims Apple Not Forthcoming Re Battery Replacement Costs
Court Stings Qualcomm on H.264 Standards Patents
FCC Grants Partial Victory To Small Carrier Cell Roamers
Federal Trade Commission Announces Online Privacy Conference
Microsoft Wins Infringement Decision Against Alcatel-Lucent
Physician-Inventor Sues Apple over iPhone Touch Keyboard
Ban Against Qualcomm Chip Imports is Upheld
Yahoo, Google and Others Go To FTC Over Content Copyright Issues
FCC Issues Spectrum Auction Rules
Due Tomorrow: Major FCC Rulemaking on Wireless Spectrum
eBay's Day In Court: You Win One, You Lose One
"Attempted Infringement" Copyright Bill Draws Criticism
U.S. Senator To Host Three-Day Online Discussion about Broadband
EU backs DVB-H Mobile TV Standard Over Six Others
Public Interest Groups File Brief With FCC over Pirated Content Over Broadband
Analyst Thinks U.S. FTC May Block Google Takeover of DoubleClick
Domain Name Trading? It's Ba-a-a-ck
Why Hillary Clinton Support For Raising VC Taxes Is A Dumb Move
Internet Radio "Reprieve" Like A Stay of Execution
RIAA Tells FCC It Takes XM-Sirius Merger, Well, Seriously
FCC Issues Orders Creating "Competitive Set-Top Box Market
Free Software Foundation Updates GPL
FCC To Investigate Local Access Fees
Thanks to the Supreme Court, Say Goodbye To Slashed Prices on Gizmos
Proposal To Protect Domain Name Registrants Discussed at ICANN Meet
Judge: More Info Might Help in Google vs. Microsoft desktop search dispute
Wi-Fi Alliance Notes Start of Interop Testing For 802.11 Draft 2.0 Products
EFF battles NSA as Senate Committee Issues Subpoenas
Sacramento Signs Pact for Muni Wi-Fi
ITC Rejects Broadcom's Infringement Injunction Plea
FCC's Cutoff Day For Net Neutrality Comments Is Today
Student Files Lawsuit Against RIAA File Swap Discovery Process
eBay's "Buy It Now" Option's Patent Infringement Woes Pop Up Again
Today's Senate Hearing on Analog Spectrum Repurposing Criticized For Lack Of Public Interest Speakers
Texas Bill Would Mandate Recycling Option Labeling on PCs, Peripherals
Wibree Forum Merges With Bluetooth SIG
Teacher Convicted On Classroom Porn Charges Gets New Trial
Floridian Seeks Ban On Violent Wii Game
U.S. House Passes Strict Anti-Spyware Bill
Group Charges North Carolina House Bill Would Cripple Muni WiFI,
Florida Woman Countersues RIAA for trespass, conspiracy, extortion, etc.
U.S. Court Rules Punishment for Accidentally Aired Expletives Is Invalid
SaveThe Internet .com Petitions FCC Over Wireless Spectrum Auction
Court: Qualcomm Infringed On Three Broadcom Patents
RIAA: We're Turning The Corner On Industry, Fan Relations
Privacy, Anti-Trust Concerns Spark FTC Investigation of Google-DoubleClick Deal
Senator Kohl Urges FCC to Block Sirius-XM Satellite Radio Merger
Google To FCC: Adapt Our Ad Auction Model for Your Upcoming Spectrum Auction
Site ignites copyright row by posting 6,288 Smithsonian images
Six-Point "First Tech President" Policy Qualifier Articulated
MySpace Accused of "Online Censorship" by
Drumbeat Gets Louder For 2 Mbps Minimum Broadband Definition
Wi-Fi Alliance Beating The Drums For 802.11n's First Wave
New Hard Drive Sector Standards Approved and On The Way
Cuban To Congress "Inadequate Bandwidth To Home" Precludes Threat From Online Video To Broadcast TV
EFF Battling Bush Adminstration Over Online Spying
FCC Puts Kabosh On Interference Temperature Model
Sell That Chandelier On eBay? The IRS Will Want To Know
Motion Picture Academy Sues Oscarwatch For Trademark Infringement
FCC To AT&T and Qwest: Stop Blocking Calls
Bulletin: New Net Radio Fees Delayed Until July 15
Nokia Hit With Patent Infringement Suit
TV Industry Body, Mic-Maker: More DTV Receiver Testing Needed
Universal Service Fund Reform Proposed
E-gold Doesn't Glitter With a U.S. Grand Jury
Google States Its Case In Verizon-YouTube Infringement Suit
U.S. Supreme Court Rules for Microsoft in Patent Dispute with AT&T
Internet Radio Equality Act Introduced in U.S. Congress
FCC Publishes 700 MHz Band policy update
EFF Continues Its Technology Patent-Busting Initiatves
Battle Lines Drawn in FCC Spectrum Auction
Law Professor Ranks The "Ten Worst Internet Laws"
Google-YouTube and Viacom Make Nice, For Now
California Legislature Debates Predator EMail Registry
Google's DoubleClick Acquisition Causes Privacy Groups To Complain to FTC
U.S. Legislators Propose Sweeping Patent Reforms
Tax-Preparers Servers Crash, But IRS Waives Late Fees
Internet Radio Webcasters Plot Next Steps In Royalties Battle
Podcast Post Alert: Is the Current Patent System Having a Chilling Effect on IT Innovation?
Google to battle Utah's Trademark Protection Act
FCC's Payola Settlement Will Be a Boon To Internet Radio
RIAA Infringement Suit: The Party Who Was Sued Is Fighting Back
Incentives Better for Internet Security Than Regulations, ISA Says
Indiana Court: Cussing Out Your Principal On MySpace Is Protected Speech
New Interview With FCC Chair On Net Neutrality, Digital TV, and More
As Licensing Agreements Expire Today, Nokia, Qualcomm Escalate Patent War
FCC Investigating Second Life? Gimme A Break
Microsoft Hit With Suit About "Vista-Capable" Branding Practices
New FCC Rules Increase Customer Consent Requirements
EU looking at iTunes for Possible Competition Rules Violations
Can You Dig It? In Wisconsin, Dialing "811" Will Tell You
Net Neutrality Advocates, Foes Debate Impact Of FCC Chair's "Notice of Inquiry"
For ICANN, ".xxx" doesn't mark the spot
NIST, OMB Tout Major Windows Policy Fixes For Federal Agencies
ICANN to vote tomorrow on .xxx domain for -you guessed it
EFF Has Big Problems With USPTO's P2P Report
Oregon Bill Mandates Open Source For Public Docs
Rockers Unite To Promote Net Neutrality
FCC Releases Full Text Of AT&T-BellSouth Merger Approval Order
Domain poisoning: NeimanMarcus sues two Internet registrars for name "tasting"
New Jersey bill would ban texting while driving
EFF, Lessig On Google's/YouTube's Side In Viacom Suit
Viacom Sues Google/YouTube for $1 billion
RIAA Top Gun Defends Prosecuting On-Campus Illegal Downloads
Connecticut Attorney General Backs Member Age Verification for Social Sites
USF Reforms Would Target Rural High-Speed Internet Access
Maryland Attorney General: State Net Neutrality Bill Could Present Constitutional Problems
Looming Royalty Structure Could Be Catastrophic for Internet Broadcasters
Texas Counties In Trouble For Posting Social Security Numbers Online
Court Dismisses Speech-To-Text Infringement Claim Against Microsoft
FCC Tells Rural Telcos To Connect VoIP Calls
U.S. Lawmakers Propose Fair Use DMCA Exemption
EC-Deutsche Telekom In Dispute Over High-Speed Internet Network Exclusion
EFF Uses FOIA Sues DOJ For Electronic Surveillance Program
ICANN Signals Get-Tough Action On Registrar
Microsoft-Alcatel Patent Dispute Could Have Additional Implications
EFF Enters Google "Sponsored Links" Trademarks Dispute
Film Makers Post "Fair Use" Guidelines
CEA Announces Auto-Related Standards Initiative
Supreme Court Appears Leaning Microsoft's Way in AT&T Patent Dispute
FCC's Martin: Sirius-XM Regulatory Barrier a High Hurdle
Adware Marketer To Pay $1.5 Million To Settle FTC Complaint
U.S. Presidential Candidates Accumulate MySpace Friends
FTC Wants Pretexting Ban
Murphy's Law Would Ban Social Networking Sites in Libraries, Schools
Google Hands Over Names Of Alleged Copyright Violators to Fox
Verizon: Freedom of Speech Issues Can Be a "Distraction"
House Committee Revs Up For Kevin Martin's Appearance Tomorrow
Anti-Spyware, Privacy Bills Introduced
Judge Says RIAA Owes Wrongfully Charged Downloader 50K
Judge Backs Time Warner Cable In DirecTV Flap
DTV Coalition Likes Senate Commerce Committee Talk on Public Safety Challenges
McCain Proposes Strengthening of Internet Child Obscenity Laws
Bush Budget Includes $313 million for FCC
Rep. Markey Outlines Broadband Improvements Agenda
EFF to Present Key Telecommunications Surveillance Argument Friday
FCC's McDowell To Rural Providers: Participate In The Wireless Spectrum Auction
FCC's Martin-De-Regulate Wireless Broadband
Cable tv industry annoyed at FCC chair's rate criticisms
Bush's FY08 Budget Funds NIST Cyber Security Program
NENA Exec: We Need To Get Moving on Enhance 911 Appropriations
Security Vendor: The Bad Guys Are Winning
FCC Chair, Senate Commerce Chair In Contentious Hearing
U.S. Standards Body Looking To Boost Crypto Security
New Study Backs and Provides Specifics For A National Broadband Policy
FCC Video Franchising Rules Continue to Draw Ire
Can Pro-Net Neutrality Dems Turn FCC's McDowell Into a Maverick?
EFF May Defend Blogger Caught In Copyright Infringement Suit
Online Cable System Files Complaint Agaist Turner Networks with FCC
Shareholder Complaint Seeks To Unmask AT&T-NSA Links
Analysts Weigh In On Data Mining Reporting Act
Hearings Tomorrow in Wiki Linking Case
New Bill Would Force Streaming Radio To Use DRM, Thwarting Recording and Ripping
What's the frequency, Kevin?
Several Tech Bills Introduced In Congress' First Day
Internet Caucus Co-chairs Seek Net Neutrality "Middle Ground"
FCC Does Some Deck-Shuffling
FCC Approves AT&T-BellSouth Deal
FCC Commissioners Win Concessions From AT&T: Rapid BellSouth Merger Approval Likely
Portland Citizens' Group Challenges FCC Broadcast Licenses
EFF Looking for Test Cases To Challenge DHS "Risk Assessment" Program
FCC approves telco video franchise reform
EFF's AT&T-NSA Hearing Is Tomorrow
EFF Sues DHS Over Automated Targeting System
Sony BMG Settles With California Attorneys General Over DRM PC Harm
Sony BMG Settles With California Attorneys General Over DRM PC Harm
Big Day at the FCC Today-And Cable Isn't Happy About It
RIAA drops suit against Mom,now goes after her kids
Links To Unauthorized MP3 Files On Other Sites are Illegal, Aussie Court Rules
McDowell Won't Vote on AT&T-BellSouth merger
CE manufacturers upset about EU's music "double levy"
Attorneys General: Vonage Must Be Clearer on E911 Limits
JUST IN: AT&T-BellSouth Off The Table At Next FCC Meet
UPDATED: Dingell to FCC's McDowell: Please Hold Off On Your Merger Vote
AT&T-backed Video Franchising Bill On Way To Michigan Governor
Verizon Public Policy Blog Outlines Key Internet Legislative Priorities
Citing First Amendment, FCC Rejects Chicago TV License Challenge
Jan 1: "Auld Lang Syne and Australian Copyright Reform
Fair Use Devotees Fearful as Hollywood-Backed Berman Is Set To Helm Key Congressional Sub-Committee
Canada moves to deregulate phone service prices
Asia, You've Got a Domain
Pretexting Ban Goes To Bush: Will He Sign?
Online Privacy Advocates Say Proposed Legislation Is Insufficent
Number of Imprisoned Internet Journalists Rises Around The World
109th Congress Did Little For, Or About Tech Sector
FCC attorney clears holdout Commissioner to vote on AT&T-BellSouth Merger
SaveTheInternet Coalition on 109th Congress Close: WHEW!
Citing Adult Content, Chicago Suburb Bans Comcast On-Demand
Sexual Predator Email Addy Registry Proposed, But Obstacles Loom
FCC Chair Hints At Video Telco Rulings
File Format Trademark Infringement Dispute Between Autodesk and Open Design Alliance Set for January Hearing
CDMA Standards Group Chooses Ultra Mobile Broadband as Name For New Mobile CDMA Standard
Califormia AG Settles With HP over Spying Charges
Sued By RIAA, Kazaa User Now Sues Kazaa
FCC Defends Right To Fine Broadcasters For Vulgar Language
Watching the Detectives and the MPAA Kill Proposed California Anti-Pretext Statute
Here Comes Sun: To Court Over Copyright Infringement Charges
EU information regulator: give markets a say on tech standards
Standards Body Issues Detailed Electronic Voting Security Recommendations
Schumer Favors Stronger Encryption for No-Swipe Credit Cards
As AT&T Waits, Tug Of War Continues For FCC Commissioner's Vote
Spyware Firm Settles With Washington Stete Attorney General for $1 Million
U.S. gives Verisign Another Six Years of .Com Registration Exclusivity
DOJ Subpoenas go to AMD, Nvidia: Anti-Trust Violations Eyed
Well duh, Markey to Head House Telecom Subcommittee
FCC Chair Greasing Skids for Fifth AT&T-BellSouth Vote
U.S. Court sides with Web-based real-estate agents in MLS dispute
Proposed Aussie law could lock up lip-sychers of copyrighted works
Wal-Mart "Superman Returns" An Example of Copyright Office Overzealousness
Stevens, Barton write FCC chair to urge downloadable set-top box security
Court rules against anti-spam activist
Slashdot Satire: MPAA To Lobby Congress for Home Theater Copyright Safeguards
Tool developed to bypass Internet censorship filters
Supreme Court hears telco anti-trust arguments
Save The Internet Coalition speaks out against Michigan Video Franchising Bill
Forrester: 802.11n wireless networking standard not yet ready for prime time
EFF files brief against Stored Communications Act
Audits planned for online banking security compliance
New Standards Enable UK Regulators To Legalize Low-Power FM Transmitters
Is AT&T Losing Enthusiasm For BellSouth Merger?
EFF: DCMA Exemptions Don't Go Far Enough
U.S. Copyright Office Issues Digital Copyright Circumvention Guidelines
Microsoft files antitrust documents with EU today
What's the Frequency, Fabio?: EU debates 900 MHz vs. 2.5 GHz
ABC-TV withdraws court challenge to FCC for "indecent" lanugage
More details emerge in California online free speech ruling
Survey: many in corporate IT not prepared for new ediscovery rules
CBS challenging FCC indency fine: and the questions it raises for online
Arguments Continue In COPA Trial
California Supreme Court backs websites on "libelous" content
Report: lack of net neutrality laws will hurt gamers the most
With Bush approval-Lucent-Alcatel merger passes last regulatory hurdle
Department Of Homeland Security Has Reservations about RFID
DC local government seeking USF administrator
Universal Music Sues MySpace for copyright infringement
Senate gives FCC head Kevin Martin five more years
Single European telecom regulator urged
Paramount Pictures files suit for DMCA , copyright violations
Local DAs use websites to strike back at press critics
AT&T-BellSouth tiebreaker FCC Commish: I'm in no hurry
Wireless LAN patent ruling could be ominous for WLAN vendors
Conservative Senator on telecom issues: "playing defense" will be necessary
European Commission to Microsoft:give us interoperability info by Nov. 23 or else
Online gambling ring busted: and you won't believe the lucky break
Specter proposes enhanced Internet eavesdropping bill
Canada To Lift VoIP Price Controls
YouTube attorneys send TechCrunch "cease and desist letter" over online tool
Court absolves craigslist in housing bias controversy
Tech groups want Congress to re-establish R&D tax credits
Net neutrality advocate: don't give FCC Chair Martin a second term
At FTC's behest, court shuts down malware operation
RIAA jackboots on the march
Study refutes AG: not as much porn on the Internet as you might think
EU intervention sought for high roaming charges
Key hearing this Friday on EFF-AT&T "spying" dispute
Internet content providers to SEC: overturn NYSE fees for real-time stock quotes
Dingell to FCC: wait on approval of AT&T/BellSouth merger
So how will the Congressional power shift affect tech?
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