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EFF: DCMA Exemptions Don't Go Far Enough

November 24, 2006

In a move that could not entirely be unexpected, the Electronic Frontier Foundation isn't exactly enraptured with the six general exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act specified in Wednesday's ruling by the U.S. Copyright Office.

"Unfortunately, just as we predicted, all the proposed exemptions that would benefit consumers were denied (space-shifting, region coding, backing up DVDs)," the EFF's Senior Information Property Attorney Fred von Lohmann noted in a posting on the DCMA website. So, while we're pleased that film professors, archivists, cellphone recyclers, and security researchers were able to successfully navigate the exemption process, it appears that digital consumers still have no choice but to get Congress to amend the DMCA."

Von Lohmann added that the EFF hopes for better results from Rep. Rick Boucher reintroducing his DMCA reform bill, H.R. 1201, in the new Congress next year.

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