A Word about Gaining High SEO for Startups

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A Word about Gaining High SEO for Startups

by Anna Ritchie. Product Manager, TMCnet Online Communities

A recent article, SEO is No Longer a Viable Marketing Strategy for Startups, touches on a few points that we at TMCnet have been emphasizing in recent blog posts: That the SEO game is a tricky one, and one that truly does rely on a special balance of high-quality content with a large quantity of inbound links.  The author of this particular article states that unless a company has been around a long time with a history of links to support its presence online, or is willing to partake in “black hat” SEO techniques, that high ranking is almost unobtainable and the quality of content won’t really matter to ranking well on major search engines like Google for newer companies. To read the article in full, click here. 

At TMCnet we believe that with the new direction Google is taking with its algorithms that the outlook is a bit more positive for new companies. Google has stated that it will be rewarding websites with high-quality content with higher rankings. We also know from experience that partnering with a third-party media company like TMCnet, who has been building successful Online Communities for over 10 years, experiences millions of unique visitors per month and produces high-quality content, can give any company, old or new, the chance to rank well and get found at the top of major search engine results with our Online Community program.


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