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Ok, I doubt it but after hearing about Nortel aquiring Pingtel it makes you think.  But anyway, what are Nortel up to?  The press release says that have aquired Pingtel for their 'key assets' to improve their Unified comms offering though from what I've seen it's pretty good anyway with it's integration with Microsofts OCS product - details here.  Oh, I see it now, it's for making the SMB solution more UC capable - this is their SCS500 product which is again a pretty good product but maybe the aquisition of Pingtel will help them move things along quicker than trying to go it alone in-house.  I suppose it makes sense in this world where many players are at last rolling out good UC products ... Still, we think it's all good as the SCS500 and Pingtels (sorry Nortels) SIPxchange is based on SIP, though being a Linux platform product let's see how the integration / development goes and only time and new products will tell if this aquisition will be a success.

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