SIP in Action @ ITEXPO - Come see us!

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SIP in Action @ ITEXPO - Come see us!

Just can't wait for ITEXPO in October and being my 2nd ITEXPO this year I can say that I'm really getting into the swing of things.  It's a great set up and gives me the opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new acquaintances.

I'm actually running a couple of sessions this time around and really excited about the one on Monday 4th October called SIP in Action where I'm going to get as many people involved as possible, here's the outline:

SIP in Action
  1. The basics of SIP will be explained especially looking at why SIP has become so important     
  2. The Instructor will demonstrate how quick a SIP based PBX can be configured      
  3. Attendees (with Laptops) will then Configure SIP clients to connect to the PBX and start making calls      
  4. The Instructor will show what's happening on the wire with SIP using tools such as Wireshark      
  5. Next up, a partner company will demonstrate why a Session Border Control is needed on the Edge of the network and the Instructors will show how to connect the PBX to the SBC      
  6. Then the Instructors will demonstrate connecting the SBC to a SIP Trunking Provider      
  7. Once this is all set-up, attendees will be able to make calls from their laptop client to their Cell phones or wherever they like (until we cut them off for costing too much )

At this point, the SIP network is up and running, but what about if things go wrong? 

We'll show you common problems and solutions and even get the attendees involved to see if they know their SIP

This event aims to put 'fun' into a protocol... a tough call?  Come along and see if we can do it ....


Deploying SIP Trunks -- Getting it Right the First Time  

This is my second session where I try to highlight all the things that an Enterprise needs to look closely at in order to get SIP trunks into their buildings without all the pain assiciated with a rushed / badly planned installation.

For a full conference scedule, you'll need to head over to the ITEXPO site @

That's it for now and if anyone wants to meet up to chat about SIP, then please drop me a line at: 

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