WebRTC School is LIVE..!!!!

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WebRTC School is LIVE..!!!!

WebRTC is the hottest topic in communications today and The SIP School now has a 'sister' site in WebRTC School.

As you can imagine, this is a big day for us here at Vocale and we think that this new school is going to be every bit as successful as The SIP School in providing students with all the knowledge they need to both understand the ‘underlying’ technologies that make the WebRTC ‘magic’ happen as well as learning about WebRTC APIs and of course, how to develop WebRTC applications.

The Certified WebRTC Integrator program is the first one that is available with the Certified WebRTC Developer program becoming available soon - don't get them mixed up!!! Please take a look at the Demos and Outlines herehttp://www.webrtcschool.com/courses/view

If you have any more questions about this exciting new training / certification service then please send an email tograham@webrtcschool.com or use the contact page on the website. 

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