The doors are fully open at the WebRTC School

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The doors are fully open at the WebRTC School

So we’ve been working hard, really hard to complete the WebRTC School ‘package’ and we’re finally there. 

Today (September 12th) is the day that the WebRTC Developer training and certification program is ‘live’ on the site and it’s packed full of instruction, demos and ‘real code’ to help the developer get up and running with writing WebRTC applications.  For a full demo and content pdf, click here.  Of course WebRTC is not a ‘finalized’ specification but we’re on the case as we’ll be updating the training as things develop.  Associated with the training is the WebRTC School Qualified Developer (WSQD™) certification test that is supported by industry giants such as the TIA, USTelecom, WebRTC World, Comptel and many many more including manufacturers such as Genband.

So now there are two programs.

WebRTC School Qualified Developer – WSQD™ and WebRTC School Qualified Integrator – WSQI™.   If you want to do both there is a great offer of 20% off the ‘package’ price so you really can get to know WebRTC and show the world your skills via the qualifications.

Students of the ‘Developer’ program are encouraged to take the code shown and see what they can add to it (or even completely re-write it) and then to post information via the WebRTC School Facebook page here, - we’re hoping to see some good ideas very soon. 

The Website has some nice touches as well with a new page that showcases the most prominent bloggers/writers on WebRTC such as Phil Edholm, Alan Johnston, Tsahi Levent-Levi and more.  We added this as we are looking to continue to enhance the WebRTC learning experience with extra features. 

So that’s it, we’re live and I want to thank all of the team here at Vocale Ltd as well as our esteemed content providers for their tireless efforts in getting all of the WebRTC programs ready for students to get learning. 


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