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BIG shake-up for the DNS system

August 1, 2008

Not SIP related but will definitely have an effect on everyone as ICAAN are to allow the creation of thousands more domain extensions such as .Car  .Sport  .Football  .SIP (maybe), which is the biggest shake-up to the DNS system since it was put in place.  I have already received pre-registration details from inviting me to register for a .TEL domain, very useful in my industry sector.   Where will it all end and does it really matter?  I think that if you notice the search habits of people, including yourself; how often do you type in a domain name of a company based on their cool domain name?  Are you more likely to type in a search in Google such as 'Cheap TV' and then click on the link in the results list than type ?  If so, will all these new domain names serve only to be a kind of branding for a company?  Let's wait and see, can't wait to get my hands on www.grababeerandtakeagreatbig.sip

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August 14, 2008

Ok, I doubt it but after hearing about Nortel aquiring Pingtel it makes you think.  But anyway, what are Nortel up to?  The press release says that have aquired Pingtel for their 'key assets' to improve their Unified comms offering though from what I've seen it's pretty good anyway with it's integration with Microsofts OCS product - details here.  Oh, I see it now, it's for making the SMB solution more UC capable - this is their SCS500 product which is again a pretty good product but maybe the aquisition of Pingtel will help them move things along quicker than trying to go it alone in-house.  I suppose it makes sense in this world where many players are at last rolling out good UC products ... Still, we think it's all good as the SCS500 and Pingtels (sorry Nortels) SIPxchange is based on SIP, though being a Linux platform product let's see how the integration / development goes and only time and new products will tell if this aquisition will be a success.


August 15, 2008

After playing around with the free 'poll' software available at I decided to ask the question below.  Remember that you can visit our SIP WIKI @ and post anything you like about SIP.  This can include details about your companies products, services, configuration details even Youtube videos and it's completely free.

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Into SIP? then join up!

November 8, 2008

At The SIP School we run a SIP Wiki that is completely open to edit, upload company details, advertise SIP products and services and contribute to the discussion groups - whatever you want to do.  It's growing and it's going to get really big as more people join.

Now the main point of this post is to tell you that if you join (which is completely free by the way) then you get entered into a draw to win an iPod Shuffle - it takes a minute to do this.  If you have something to contribute like posting an article, advert or even responding to another post then you are automatically added to the draw to win an iPod nano....  That's it!

Why are we doing this?  Well, we want to say thanks to people who are joining and contributing and therefore making this SIP Wiki grow to it's full potential.

So, go for it, click here to go to the Wiki - T&Cs are on the site.

Panasonic choose The SIP School

January 27, 2009

Hi there, thought I'd post our latest Press release on the blog as we are obviously pleased to gain approval from a company the size of Panasonic.

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, 27 January, 2009

Birmingham based reseller; Vocale Ltd is gaining momentum as the provider of the global standard in SIP Training and certification on receiving the official stamp of approval from Panasonic Europe.  Panasonic's Manager at the European Technical Support Centre - Paul Gorrigan says "I can fully endorse 'The SIP School' and the SSCA™ certification program as a means of filling the skills gap created in our sales channel due to the introduction of our next generation products".


Graham Francis, Managing director at Vocale Ltd said: "We're delighted to receive this endorsement from Panasonic.

SIP, a reality check

July 13, 2009

If you and your company are involved in Voice over IP and Unified Communications then there's no doubt you'll have heard about SIP (the Session Initiation Protocol).  You may be (even a little bit) excited about all the things it promises to achieve by enabling multivendor products and services to work together.  However, sometimes it's good and even necessary to just stop and look closely at what's actually happening with SIP, who's using it and what lies ahead for this most disruptive of protocols! 

So let's start by asking,

What is SIP?

Well, SIP is boring!

Ok, to me it's not boring. However to people who simply want to make phone calls and use IM or their Unified Communications client to 'reduce human latency' (yes, that's a real UC benefit) it's not really something they care about.  Who wants to talk about signalling protocols, new SIP methods and the work of the IETF working groups?  Not your customers that's for sure - all they want to know is will it work, how much and will it save them money?