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TransCertain CertainSafe Review - 2014

You may have seen my 2013 review of TransCertain's CertainSafe product, a cloud-based file sharing platform. Well, I decided to take a...

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Advancing Utility IP Migration Takes Time and Care

Mae Kowalke, TMCnet Contributor

This is the third in the three part series looking at how IP, which has been playing an important role in business transformation for some time, now has become critical to the utilities industry as it is leveraging the transformation of communications networks to IP to maximize smart grid deployments. In short, taking full advantage of things like smart metering and big data means to improve usage, real-time information and improved interoperability.

The future of the smart grid has unfolded slowly partially because adoption is more than a technology issue, and because while businesses want reliability, utilities demand it; a cautious IP migration is almost a given. In fact, part of the path to adoption goes through social challenges, not just technology investment.

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The Shazaam! of SS7 - SIP Signaling

We’ve been getting a lot of interest in signaling gateways, especially as they relate to SIP. A signaling gateway is similar...

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Nomad ChargeKey is a Must Buy

There are few products which I see which are worthy of me carrying with me everywhere but the Nomad CHARGEKEY is one...

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Why I'm Neutral on the Comcast, Time Warner Cable Deal

There has been lots of controversy over the merging of two of the largest cable companies Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Concerns...

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If I Was Starting as an Agent Today

Yesterday the TCA launched "The Voice of the Agent" Webinar Series to provide advice for channel partners by agents. It was...

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Seriously? Comcast Wants TWC

The FCC just finished telling Softbank that buying T-Mobile would not be likely. So Comcast outbids Charter for TWC. This will...

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