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September 13, 2006

I'm Michelle Amodio (formerly Pasquerello, for those who know me via TMCnet), and this here is the official Alternative Power blog on TMCnet. Why an alternative power blog? If you've been watching the news, you might have noticed that topics such as E85, flexible fuel vehicles, fuel cells, solar power and wind power are becoming news-worthy, particularly in an era where oil prices are sky rocketing and the need for oil depenency is decreasing....well, it should be decreasing. But we'll save that for a real blog post. In the meantime, I'm happy to be on board to cover the alternative power space as it is something that interests me quite a bit.

I'm also a big fan of grease cars and plan to build my own some day. Welcome to Alternative Power.
Be sure to check out TMCnet's Alternative Power site as well.

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