Android-Powered Ouya Makes Kickstarter Goal In Less Than A Day

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Android-Powered Ouya Makes Kickstarter Goal In Less Than A Day

Looks like we're going to be seeing a new entrant in the console wars before too much longer has passed. Specifically, we'll be getting eyes on with the Ouya, an Android-powered console that made its $950,000 Kickstarter goal in well under 24 hours.

It's set to sell for $99, and will be powered by a Tegra 3 processor running the Android platform, making it an unusual item to say the least. It will be packing eight gigs of storage, a wireless gamepad, and was designed by no less than Yves Behar.

Ouya hopes to have this one available on shelves by the first quarter of 2013, which is a crying shame, because they'll miss the Christmas shopping rush that will hit within the next four months.

A $99 console sounds like a good idea, though one question that immediately springs to mind for me is the games. While Android actually does have some good games available for it, it's hard to believe that game apps would translate really well to a full-size console format. Of course, we've already seen Angry Birds make the jump--anyone with the right Roku box has probably already had a go with it--so while admittedly we won't know how it all turns out until it actually makes its play later on this year, it may well be a more interesting release than the initial information suggests.
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