Fortnite Going To PC--And PC Alone, At Least For Now

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Fortnite Going To PC--And PC Alone, At Least For Now

Bad news for all you console gamers out there, like me: Fortnite, a surprising little title that got a little face time out at the San Diego Comic-Con today, will be making its first appearance on the PC. Perhaps worse news, however, is that no one's sure if it will make an appearance anywhere else.

The word is that running Fortnite is going to take a pretty impressive amount of hardware to run, since it will be packing the Unreal Engine 4 under the hood. Moreover, the PC-only release is likely to be gradual, with a rolling release likely starting with a "friends and family beta" and carrying onward from there.

Considering that it's already been described as a kind of hybrid of Minecraft and The Walking Dead, it's not hard to be enthused about such a release. But such a release being only available for the PC, as opposed to including a little love for the Xbox 360 and PS3 crowds, isn't a welcome development. Still though, there's every chance of a migration, especially once the new series of game systems start making their appearance in the coming months. After all, Minecraft was a PC only release for a good while before making its trip to the Xbox 360.

The plot sounds every bit as exciting as the comparisons: you'll spend your days building a bunker, and then your nights defending it against a horde of creatures with unknown goals, but seem to make their stance clear: they want your bunker gone, and probably you dead.

Sounds like fun to me, but the question of the day is just how it will turn out. Hopefully we'll all get a chance to check this out soon.
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