CES 2013: Razer Brings Out The Edge Tablet

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CES 2013: Razer Brings Out The Edge Tablet

After last night's foray into CES gaming, it's impressive to discover that, once again, we've got another gaming topic to bring into play. A brand new gaming tablet has been unveiled, and it's special for a surprisingly large number of reasons. Not only is who made it a bit of an eyebrow-archer, but so too is how it was made and what it's packing.

The folks at Razer brought out their new gaming tablet, the Razer Edge, at CES 2013, showing off the kind of power that might be hoped for from a tablet geared toward gaming. This isn't Razer's first foray into gaming hardware; they've been regularly making peripherals like mouse controls and keyboards for some time now, and not too long ago they brought out the Razer Blade, a gaming laptop, and the Razer Switchblade, a smaller portable gaming device. Now, we have the Razer Edge, a tablet that will be available in two versions, the Razer Edge and its upgraded cousin the Razer Edge Pro.

While the power involved in the Razer Edge is a big deal--more on that in a minute--but what's also unusual here is that the Edge is the first crowdsourced gaming tablet. Razer turned to millions of gamers to determine the Edge's final spec loadout, and man, did they ever answer.

As at least a partial result of that crowdsourcing, the Razer Edge will offer an Intel Core i5 processor, Nvidia GT640M LE GPU, four gigabytes of DDR3 RAM, and a 64 gigabyte solid state drive. The Razer Edge Pro will have the same GPU, but step up to a Core i7 processor, double the RAM and come with your choice of a double or quadruple-sized solid state drive. The Pro will also come with a gamepad controller, but both models can be installed into a docking station complete with three USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI 1.4 port, as well as microphone inputs and stereo jacks for those all important audio peripherals. Both models will be available in the first quarter, with the Edge starting at $999 and going up from there.

I don't mind telling you, either one of those is a pretty potent tablet. Frankly, there are desktops out there that don't have that kind of power, and that should make these pretty desirable pieces of hardware indeed.  Razer's got a lot of experience with developing gaming hardware, and the Blade line should be impressive.
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