eSports & Plantronics--A Winning Team

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eSports & Plantronics--A Winning Team

Those of you who were around earlier in the week remember our earlier discussion about eSports, and how the Meltdown London may be something of the first step toward a whole new paradigm. Well, eSports just got another metaphorical shot in the equally metaphorical arm thanks to a whole new sponsor signing on.

Plantronics joined up with Riot Games as an official partner of the League of Legends Championship Series, where it will be the official headset maker of Season 3's tournament games. This by itself is only reasonably important, but when it's added into the larger picture, the picture becomes a little clearer: eSports is starting to take off.

Right now, no one's talking about just what kind of cash was necessary for Plantronics to put down before being allowed to be an official sponsor, but in all likelihood products are part of the deal along with any other considerations. But it's clear that eSports is coming into its own.

There are three separate components in any sports league: an audience, players, and sponsors to keep the league operational. There have been players since there were video games, so that was never really an issue. An audience has been in the making since streaming video really got started; go check out YouTube sometime to see just how many people will watch people play video games. From TobyGames to Let's Play and a whole bunch of others in between, the concept of video games as a spectator sport is making moves all its own. Better yet, the eSports bar concept is gaining ground as evidenced by just the expansion of the line in Europe alone.  Now with Plantronics in play as a sponsor--hopefully only the first of a growing number of same--the chances of eSports as an authentic sports league on par with baseball and football go through the roof.

Admittedly, there may still be some image problems--getting eSports onto network television, or at least ESPN, will be a big step toward legitimizing and mainstreaming the concept--but the basic idea of eSports as a way of life may be gaining ground. Today Plantronics, tomorrow maybe Razer. Or even Dell. And from there, why not take the next big step and hit up Yum! Brands? Surely the guys who brought us Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Mountain Dew would be happy to sponsor professional gaming!

eSports may just be getting started, but it looks like a reasonably bright future ahead if the concept can keep gaining ground.

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