E3 2015: Sony's Presser Brings the Games, Wows the Crowds

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E3 2015: Sony's Presser Brings the Games, Wows the Crowds

With E3 steadily moving on, it's time to get a look at the second major player in the field--though these days it's more like first place considering all it's sold so far--and the news is looking pretty good for Sony fans indeed.

The earlier projections that Sony might be bringing out The Last Guardian to the show appear to have materialized, and that's got to be a welcome development for fans of the series. Those fans have been waiting quite some time, so this must have been absolutely huge for them. The Last Guardian wasn't the only blast from the past to arrive, either; in a shocking twist, Shenmue 3 actually cropped up as well, a staggering development given how long it's been since Shenmue 2 showed up. Throw in an upcoming port of Final Fantasy VII to PS4 and suddenly you've just torn the doors off the whole conference. New installments of Hitman, long-lost Star Ocean, and Street Fighter--specifically, Street Fighter 5--also emerged.

But Sony didn't just go digging up graves and resurrecting franchises long dead. Horizon: Zero Dawn made an appearance, and so too did titles like the Scarecrow missions of Batman: Arkham Knight, Soma, and of course No Man's Sky came back in.

Of course, the rank of "big one" might well go to Project Morpheus, which will reportedly be making its way to users for "several hundred dollars", and sooner than might be expected, in the first half of 2016 at last report. Still, there are more than a few people handing out the title of biggest development at Sony's show to be the wide array of games. At the end of the day, that's probably how it should be.

I'm not a Sony gamer, really; haven't been since the early 2000s. Getting hands on Morrowind for original Xbox put me fairly solidly in Microsoft's camp, though I certainly enjoyed some Sony titles. And I'll admit, there were some very good looking Sony pieces in here. I'm terribly said that Microsoft isn't getting No Man's Sky. The remake of Final Fantasy 7 is also exciting, even for me; I played Final Fantasy 7 back on original PlayStation, and though I preferred Final Fantasy 8--I seemed to be one of a handful who did--seven certainly didn't want for fun. But still, there was a lot of excitement to be had in that show, and that's some fine news.

Sony's show did a pretty fine job of showing off the goods, and made it one for the fans in grand style. With the event coming to an end, though, all that's left is to consider just who "won" the big event. That winner is starting to look a bit more obvious with each passing day, though.

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