Sony Survey Wants Insight on Future Development

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Sony Survey Wants Insight on Future Development

A recent survey making the rounds for PlayStation 4 users is asking about what features should be coming to the console. While this is good news for players, it's also a strange survey in and of itself. The question isn't so much what Sony is asking, but rather, why is it even asking in the first place?

The survey offers up such options as the ability to change a PlayStation Network ID, add custom backgrounds, and hide or remove completely certain items from the library listings. Also on the roster are the addition of classic titles, both from the PS2 era and the PS1 era. Some of the features touched on in the survey have already been put in play, like a new PlayStation Store wishlist, though it's only found on the Web version. The console store version, however, may not be forthcoming at all; there's no information on that as of yet.

This isn't the first upgrade for Sony, either; back on September 30, the 3.0 update brought in Twitter sharing for videos, some upgrades for YouTube streaming, and even a boost in cloud storage, going from one gigabyte to a hefty 10 gigabytes, for PS Plus members.

But the question here isn't so much what Sony's asking about as to why it's even asking. Sony's still on top of the console wars right now, and likely will stay there for some time to come. Though Microsoft's been making some moves lately, Sony still has quite a bit of lead time to its credit. It may well be trying to maintain its lead to give it a better shot at the next round of the console wars; just because you're in the lead today doesn't mean you will be tomorrow. What's perhaps more unsettling is that Sony would bother asking. Clearly no one's going to respond to any of these goodies with "No, I don't want that." Of course the gamers want access to PS1 and PS2 games with the backward compatibility. Though admittedly, Sony could be trying to prioritize. It's not so much that gamers don't want everything, but rather that there are some things they want right now. The better job Sony can do of providing the most immediately desired stuff, the better that Sony can hold its customer base. With the holiday shopping season coming up, some may be considering being a two-console household, and that means the potential for greater competition.

Sony may be just being proactive about things, and that's a good development for gamers. But it's odd that Sony would need to ask what gamers wanted to see, when the list was pretty much answer enough.

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