The New Xbox One Experience: Some Big Changes, a Few Problems

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The New Xbox One Experience: Some Big Changes, a Few Problems

So the Xbox One update finally rolled out, and there's quite a bit going on under the hood. Some have said that this new update makes this fully Phil Spencer's Xbox One, and while that's a debatable point, it doesn't seem like he'd have any reason to deny it.

One of the biggest problems following the roll out were reports that the console wouldn't boot up very well after the update, with the console idling on the Xbox One animated logo. Users were advised to leave the console alone for 15 minutes, and then, hold down the power button until the console powered down. Wait another 15 seconds, and then turn the device back on, after which point the system should be fixed. Some issues were also found with Kinect voice commands, though that's reportedly an easy a fix as plain old rebooting. Account issues were also said to be on hand, which required users to remove and then re-add the Xbox One in question to the account. Missing tiles were reported, though this was fixed with a quick relaunch of My Games & Apps.

The new experience doesn't seem all that different from the ordinary, but anyone who notices that the whole thing feels faster than the ordinary won't be alone. Joining parties is said to be much faster, and the overall experience is a little smoother.

Honestly, it doesn't seem like too much was changed aside from cosmetics, particularly for those who don't do a lot of multiplayer gaming or interacting with friends. I found that maybe the biggest change was going more vertical than horizontal, and while that wasn't exactly an improvement in my book, it wasn't really an impediment, either. This will doubtless be welcome to some gamers, but other gamers might well wonder just what all the fuss is about. Reports suggest that there will be further plans to come for down the road, so that might be where some really eyebrow-raising stuff comes into play.

Of course, there's one big feature that might go unnoticed, but it's the one that could make the Xbox One a true powerhouse in the market: backward compatibility. With the backward compatibility in place, now Xbox One players can bring forward some of the most classic games of their last-generation fun. The numbers are still early, of course, and will likely be added to as time goes on, so gamers will be able to get in on all the fun fairly soon. It also kind of adds a little extra credibility to the Xbox One preorder special for Fallout 4, namely, Fallout 3. Though it's not quite there yet at last report, it's hard to imagine how it and Fallout: New Vegas won't eventually get there.

Still, for gamers, this is some pretty good news. Faster speeds, more intuitive controls and a better multiplayer experience should add up to a player base that's not actively wondering if the grass is greener on the Sony side of the fence.

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