Witcher Blood and Wine Expansion Unexpectedly Tipped

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Witcher Blood and Wine Expansion Unexpectedly Tipped

Those looking forward to the newest section of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's downloadable content (DLC) will be able to sleep a little easier as an unexpected leak may have revealed its launch date. Based on an unexpected Steam listing's arrival, the game should be available for download at the end of May.

Some spotted the expansion and noted that it reported a launch of May 31, while others reported May 30 instead. Given that the 31st is a Tuesday, that date's perhaps a bit more likely. Admittedly, with DLC, release dates are much more fluid, but sticking to the Tuesday release is a bit more likely.

It's also worth noting that the Steam listing was subsequently pulled, which lends it a bit of credibility. This likely wasn't a planned release, or it would have been left in place. However, its community manager Marcin Momot has previously noted that May would be a big month for new Witcher 3 information with "lots and lots" of new information to follow.

Blood and Wine is expected to come with a variety of stories and twists, and will deliver about 20 hours of gameplay total, as compared to previous release Hearts of Stone which weighed in about 10 hours total. It's also set to have a "carefree and colorful" presentation, but with a certain dark side to it.

Exciting enough, sure, and one way or another we'll likely see this out before too much longer. While it'll take another three weeks to find out one way or another, it's a safe bet that we'll see Blood and Wine soon.

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