The Tetris Movie Will Be a Trilogy

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The Tetris Movie Will Be a Trilogy

The notion that anyone could make a movie out of the video game "Tetris" is baffling enough on its own. The notion that anyone would try to make THREE separate movies out of it is either lunacy, hubris, or genius. Just which it will be, however, will be only a matter of time as Tetris' producer, Larry Kassanoff, has confirmed that the film version of Tetris will be three movies, instead of one.

For anyone who might have wondered how a movie about stacking blocks into piles of four rows until they disappear, only to be replaced by new blocks, there's not much in the way of advance notice. The word is that the trilogy will be set up as a sci-fi thriller, and for those who were worried, no, there will be no anthropomorphic tetrads running around getting in comical situations. Indeed, the filmmakers have noted that no one, as yet, has been able to guess just what's going on.

I've seen some absolutely bizarre video game movies. We all have, like as not--we saw what a hash was made out of the Super Mario Brothers movie, complete with Bowser running for mayor--but trying to turn Tetris into a movie? That sounds like madness on its surface.

Then again, it might work out. I note this because of one key point: a YouTube video called "Complete History of the Soviet Union, Arranged to the Melody of Tetris". Shot by Pigwiththefaceofaboy, it's currently available on YouTube, and if you're not one of the 5.6 million and change who's seen it, you should. It's nearly seven minutes long, and it details the history of the Soviet Union to the Tetris theme. That's a seven minute video on just the theme song. It's possible to expand it from there, but into three films? That may be a stretch too big even for Tetris to handle.

It could be, of course, that we're underestimating the filmmakers involved. It could be that there are some exciting concepts here, like in the aforementioned video. You never know what can be done with a creative writer and a lot of time and cash to bring a vision to life. There's no word on when we'll see this start, but I've got to admit, I'm dying to know if this is brilliance or just plain madness.

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