PS4 Pro's Boost Mode May Give it a Market Edge

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PS4 Pro's Boost Mode May Give it a Market Edge

We're coming to a very strange time in the console gaming market, with a new version of the PS4--the PS4 Pro--already on hand and the Xbox Project Scorpio poised for launch. Even Nintendo's bringing out a new console in the Switch, which will destabilize the market even further. That's prompting significant marketing efforts, and PlayStation's may have emerged with the new "Boost Mode" for PS4 Pro.

The new PS4 Pro option would actually deliver on a noteworthy proposition: to improve older games' performance without the need for patching or similar measures. Currently, reports note, getting the benefits of extra PS4 Pro hardware requires a little extra programming work in the form of patches. With the new Boost Mode, meanwhile, developers won't have to add these patches any longer as the hardware will be able to augment the presentation.

Boost Mode wasn't actually mentioned as part of the recent version 4.5 firmware update--which did, however, offer support for external USB drives, a point that Microsoft has had in place for quite some time--but new word is coming out from those who would know: beta testers. The beta version of Boost Mode has at last report already launched, and screenshots are starting to emerge.

Featuring "...improved gameplay, including higher frame rates, for some games that were released before the introduction of PS4 Pro." However, some problems may emerge, as reports also note that users should "turn this off if you experience unexpected behavior during gameplay."

This is a significant point that could give Sony a real leg up; improving the performance of games already released would improve the value of the currently-released system. Already there have been some concerns about similar performance for the upcoming Project Scorpio, though some of these have been found unfounded. With this release, meanwhile, PS4 Pro has given itself a little extra value to draw customers in and keep those who have already stepped in from switching to Microsoft.

Sony must maintain its lead over Microsoft; it made huge new inroads in the last round of the console wars and it can ill afford to lose these with the Project Scorpio release. Moves like Boost Mode may go a long way to pulling that off.

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