APlus Mobile Gets Navy R&D Nod

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APlus Mobile Gets Navy R&D Nod

APlus Mobile, Inc., announced it has been awarded a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with SPAWAR, the R&D division of the Navy. This is the second such agreement for APlus Mobile.

At the heart of the accord is the firm’s Q40, which is a sealed server, and which will be incorporated into a next-generation robotic platform that SPAWAR is developing for all branches of the military.

The Q40 sealed server runs Intel’s Core 2 Quad processors and chipsets, and is designed to deliver the necessary computing power to satisfy the highly complex mission tasks that today’s robots and autonomous vehicles perform to protect soldiers.

According to a release announcing the agreement, the server is shock mounted in a ventless, compact aluminum case, which prevents ingestion of solid or liquid contaminants, which can cause failures in the field. Additionally, a patented thermal design prevents the processor from overheating and possible thermal failure.

Tim Faucett, founder and VP of Product Development at APlus Mobile, said, “SPAWAR recognizes that the Q40’s powerful quad core processor, combined with low latency, electronic stability and open architecture are crucial for reaching the next level of performance in robots.”

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