Health Robotics Completes R&D of New Cancer Therapy Robot

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Health Robotics Completes R&D of New Cancer Therapy Robot

Health Robotics, a manufacturer of intravenous medication robots has announced that it has completed research, development and factory testing of its next-generation Cancer Therapy Robot, i.v.STATION ONCO. Health Robotics plans to unveil its new robot at the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) in Vienna on 1 April 2011.

Designed to complement the other offerings in the Health Robotics suite of sterile compounding solutions, i.v.STATION ONCO is designed to automatically compound, cap, and label commercially-available soft plastic bags and syringes from eight different brands and 10 different sizes within an ISO-5 environment on negative pressure.

Generale de Sante, a leading private hospital care provider in France, is set to accept the i.v.STATION ONCO into a Paris-based facility for beta testing and early adopter status within approximately six months. The solution will be made available for early testing in Bolzano General Hospital in Italy and Health Robotics South East Asia’s own compounding center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well.

Filippo Monteleone, Generale de Sante’s Managing Director, believes that “ is now the right time for Generale de Sante to move forward to Robotics Automation for our strategic Oncology Sterile Compounding workflow processes. I’m very proud to partner with Health Robotics in the hospital testing process of its new i.v.STATION ONCO.”

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