Review: Tritton's AXVisor Bluetooth Speakerphone

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Review: Tritton's AXVisor Bluetooth Speakerphone

If you're like me and find most Bluetooth headsets uncomfortable and/or inconvenient to use, the AXVisor (model TRIBC200) from Tritton Technologies might be just what you're looking for. This is a Bluetooth speakerphone unit that, as its name suggests, clips to the sun visor in your car for hands-free conversations.




I tested out the Tritton AXVisor with my AT&T phone, a Nokia 2085 clamshell. I quickly discovered that, as with any Bluetooth device, the functionality of the Visor is limited mostly by the hands-free function on the phone you have. Mine allows voice dialing (no programming necessary) for any person in the contacts list, after a long press of the phone's + or - volume button. I discovered that voice dialing on the 2085 is a bit fiddly -- I tried to specify a particular person I wanted to call several times before it recognized what I was saying. This was not the fault of the AXVisor, of course.


To see my full review of the AXVisor -- specifics about how it performed when I put it through the paces -- click here.


Overall, I found the Tritton Visor to be quite simple to use, and appreciate the ability to make (mostly) hands-free calls while in the car without using a Bluetooth headset. If you do a lot of traveling alone in a vehicle, I would say it's well worth the roughly $90-$100 the device is currently selling for. (Tritton's Web site lists 8 U.S. distributors, and 22 U.S. resellers for the AXVisor, but upon doing a spot-check wasn't able to find it online from Micro Center, CompUSA,, or Costco. I did find it from, MacMall and