Microsoft to Buy Yahoo for $45B?

February 1, 2008
I got stuck in traffic this morning, so I was already feeling a bit rushed when I logged in, but I didn’t expect to see this news pop up on my screen today.

Microsoft Corp. has apparently made an unsolicited $44.6 billion offer for Yahoo! Inc. in a bid to challenge Google Inc.'s dominance in all things Internet, specifically search and advertising.
The offer of $31 a share in cash or Microsoft stock constitutes a greater than 60% premium over Yahoo's closing price January 31.

Back in May I reported on the possibility. At the time, speculation called for a nearly $50 B price tag.
Obviously we will have more on this as the story develops.
Stay tuned…

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  1. Tony Rybczynski :

    For my perspectives on who else is on Microsoft's competitive radar screen, see: "

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