More Thoughts on Microsoft's OCS

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More Thoughts on Microsoft's OCS

Frank Stinson of Intellicom Analytics added his voice to the chorus of analysts deciphering what Microsoft’s entry into unified communications means to the marketplace.
Here’s what Frank had to say:
“Microsoft is attempting to paint the current mainstream IP-PBX as an architectural dead-end that will soon be viewed as obsolete and inflexible as the typewriter is in comparison to a modern word processing software package. But Microsoft needs to interoperate with these solutions today to provide the enterprise-class call control features that have not been as extensively developed yet in a software-based delivery model.
“Microsoft is pursuing a Trojan horse strategy by gaining entry to the customer today based on the interoperability of OCS with their existing voice infrastructure, a particularly compelling story in mixed-vendor PBX environments. Over time, as existing installed PBXs age and Microsoft adds more robust call control features on top of OCS on a customizable basis, they clearly intend to displace core telephony solutions as well. Existing IP-PBX vendors are in a bind as a result. While they recognize to a certain extent the long term competitive threat that Microsoft poses, they are still compelled to work with them today because common customers expect it and their key traditional competitors are also partnering with Microsoft on some level.”
Art Rosenberg has been known to offer an opinion or two on the subject of unified communications, back from its earliest roots as unified messaging through to today’s all encompassing term, “transmodal communications.”
Art decided to wait a few days to let the clamor subside before offering his views on what Microsoft’s OCS launch means for SMBs and resellers too.
You can check out Art’s most recent thoughts on the subject here.

Lastly, TMCnet Featured Guest Blogger Tom Cross has posted some new content on his Cross Talk blog, that  essentially amounts to an inside look at Microsoft's OCS, and Tom proimises to share much more information as we move forward. You should defintiely bookmark Tom's blog and check back regularly for updates.

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Microsoft OCS is all the needs. I participated in the OCS roadshow in NYC and was impressed by customer interest. See my latest blog entry at

One conclusion is that OCS is a solid platform after 150 customer production betas.

OCS is coming up stronger and i feel it will rule for a long time

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