Digg on the Block? Again?

March 7, 2008
As far as rumors go, this one has been heard before, but that’s not to say that one of these times, it won’t actually come to fruition.
Tech Crunch’s Michael Arrington writes that Digg is on the block again and that several companies —Microsoft, Google, and two “media/news companies” — are close to making offers.
Arrington reports that Digg might be willing to let itself go for less than the $300 million price tag that investment bank Allen &Co. were suggesting last year.
The march to own the hearts and minds (and of course page views) continues. Will it be Google? Will it be Microsoft?
It’s odd how perceptions change over time. Remember when Microsoft was considered to be pure evil, and Google was the up and coming, cute and cuddly upstart?
And now?
Is it just me, or is there a slowly rising tide of support for Microsoft to act as a counterbalance to the Google total assimilation machine? It’s true everyone loves the underdog, and while Microsoft is hardly an underdog in any market it chooses to enter, does anyone else get the sense that people are starting to root for Redmond in its ongoing battle with the GoogleBorg?

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