Amazon Outage

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Amazon Outage

Update: 6/29/09: Amazon is having ANOTHER major outage. The website starts to load, but does funky stuff with weird graphics like this:


 This is not the first major outage by Amazon, and certainly not the last. They had outages back in 2004, and a big one in 2008.

Original outage on Nov 8,2004

Amazon is having an outage. It appears to be down all day long. Robert Hashemian, our webmaster and columnist within Internet Telephony Magazine brought it to my attention

Even many of the international Amazon sites are down. I could only get to the Japanese Amazon website. I tried 3 different ISPs and Amazon is offline on all 3.

Let's see how fast this outage news spreads. Post a comment if you can't get to it either.

Update: 6/6/08
Another Amazon outage.that apparently is only affecting some users in some geographic regions.
In Connecticut I'm getting this error "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable" when trying to get to

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Amazon seems to be down right now - there have been intermittent failures all day ...

I heard about this from my manager at 2pm PT and I searched google and got this post.

Can't access from Denver either.

Down in Brooklyn, NY

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