Dragon Dictation for iPhone Addresses Privacy Concerns

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Dragon Dictation for iPhone Addresses Privacy Concerns

There was a bit of controversy surrounding the cool Dragon Dictation speech-recognition app for the Apple iPhone. Namely, some privacy advocates weren't happy that the app would upload their entire iPhone contact list to Dragon Dictation's servers. The purpose was merely to improve name recognition and no personally identifiable information such as phone number or email address was uploaded. Nevertheless, it caused a bit of a firestorm among privacy advocates. For instance, I read comments like "That's it! I'm uninstalling this app ASAP! They had no right to upload my contacts."

Well, Nuance Communications, makers of Dragon Dictation heard users' concerns and have just updated Dragon Dictation. It now has two new features:
  • Contact name upload is now optional
  • Ability to delete previously uploaded contact names from server.
Now that the privacy issue has been addressed, the privacy zealots can move along to find the next great infringer of their privacy rights.

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