Fongo Adds Free Texting to Dell Voice

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Fongo Adds Free Texting to Dell Voice

Dell and their partner Fongo just released a new version of their Dell Voice mobile app with free unlimited Fongo Messaging, unlimited text messaging (SMS), voice quality & stability improvements, and lower data usage. I voiced my skepticism in a post back in February that this joint venture would succeed. I'm still a bit skeptical, however, I do think if someone is going to offer something for "free", then it could entire users to try it out.  They also give you a free phone number and will even port your existing phone number for $25. Add to the fact that Google Voice technically isn't available in Canada, and Fongo has some features that Canadians will find attractive. Fongo claims over 200,000 downloads, so apparently there is a market in Canada for free mobile voice app calling, free text messaging that isn't provided by better known brands like Google Voice, Skype, Viber, and others - which may or may not offer this in Canada.

Fongo had this to say:

Canadians locked into a carrier contract can save by downloading Dell Voice to their smartphone. In fact, non smartphone users may be able to justify the purchase of a smartphone based on the savings they will realize by eliminating messaging fees, local voice minutes, Canadian long distance minutes, and premium services fees. Dell Voice can also be added to an iPod touch or tablet, turning it into a mobile phone and messaging platform when in WiFi -- an inexpensive option for pre-teens who do most of their texting and calling from home.

The Dell Voice free calling and messaging app is available for iPhone / iPod touch and Android and includes:

- A free local Canadian phone number so local contacts can call back without incurring long distance charges, even if they don't use Dell Voice.
- Free Dell Voice to Dell Voice calls, no matter where people are calling from.
- Support for 911 emergency calls, providing an additional option for reaching out in case of emergency.
- Free incoming calls from anywhere in the world.
- Free unlimited outgoing calls across Canada, covering 85% of the Canadian population. All calls to our Free Calling Cities are free, no matter where people are calling from.
- Free unlimited Fongo Messaging to text any Fongo friends.
- Unlimited Text Messaging (SMS) to Canada for $1.99/month or to Canada & the US for $2.99/month to text all friends, even if they don't use Dell Voice.
- Free premium features such as Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding so people can stop paying their mobile carrier for these expensive add-on features.

BlackBerry and Windows PC versions of Dell Voice are also available. Am I right to be skeptical or have you found Dell Voice to be a good alternative to better known mobile VoIP players? Post a comment and let me know.

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