iPhone 4S GPU Busted - Icons & Screen Shaking Problem!

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iPhone 4S GPU Busted - Icons & Screen Shaking Problem!

My iPhone 4S apparently has a busted GPU that gets progressively worse the more I utilize the GPU, especially graphics-intensive apps like games which no doubt heat up the GPU. Symptoms include shaking / wiggling icons, banding of screen drawing on right-side, top of screen pixels appears at bottom of screen. Funky! Check out the photo of this happening (yellow arrows):

When it gets really bad the screen moves up 40-50% making it near impossible to enter my lock code by looking at the screen. I have to just "remember" where the digits are located and press there as opposed to pressing where the digits are displayed.

Twice it got so bad the screen turned completely white and I couldn't even shut it off. Even holding the Home key, Vol Up, and Power wouldn't reboot it. Fortunately, after the white screen completely drained the battery I was able to recharge it and turn it back on and it was back to a "useable" state.

I have to limit the phone's use to just surfing and email to lessen the load on the GPU. With just 5-10 minutes of game playing the screen shaking madness starts.

Check out the video demonstrating the screen shaking, though I should point out that the screen shaking in this video is not nearly as bad as it can get:

Oh, and the cool video game in this demonstration is called Jetpack.

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