Samsung Mocks Apple Fanboys in Hilarious Galaxy S II Ad

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Samsung Mocks Apple Fanboys in Hilarious Galaxy S II Ad

Business Insider's Steve Kovach has an interesting interview with Todd Pendleton, Samsung's Chief Marketing Officer, and Brian Wallace, Samsung's VP of Strategic Marketing, on a new ad campaign that mocks Apple fanboys and promotes Samsung's top-of-the-line Galaxy S II Android phone. Steve writes:
I mostly use Apple gear, including an iPhone, and even I thought the ad was clever. It's an interesting take on a smartphone campaign. Instead of touting specs and features, Samsung is going right for Apple's jugular, mocking the fanboy culture while saying "hey, there are other great smartphones out there too." It's a ballsy move. And it's sure to attract first time smartphone buyers as opposed to those already married to their iPhones.

I'm an owner of an iPhone 4S and and an iPad, but I don't consider myself an Apple fanboy that must buy all things Apple. I'm open to the possibility of switching to Android devices, especially due to the lack of Flash support on iOS, which I have repeatedly griped about. I even got to play with a Samsung Galaxy S II for some time and I actually would consider switching to this phone had I not already upgraded to the iPhone 4S.

In any event, I watched the Samsung ad and it is funny the way it mocks the Apple fanboys (& girls). Samsungs reps stated in their interview that even Apple fans found the ad humorous. One of the Apple fanboys waiting in line for a new iPhone sees everyone oohing and ahhing over the Galaxy S II's large screen and remarks, "I could never get a Samsung. I'm creative." smiley-smile Watch the video:

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