Netflix on iPhone Hack

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Netflix on iPhone Hack

So you want Netflix running on your iPhone do ya? Well, you've come to the right place for an easy to follow tutorial to get sweet streaming movies and TV shows directly to your Apple iPhone. Who can wait for the official Netflix app? Certainly not me! Netfllix did release a Netflix app for the iPad but not the iPhone. Fortunately, they used a universal binary that works on both the iPad and iPhone.

1) Open iTunes on your PC / Mac.

2) Download Netflix for iPad from iTunes

3) In iTunes, right-click the Netflix for iPad application & click 'Show in Windows Explorer'

4) Rename Netflix.ipa to Note: current version is called Netflix 1.0.2.ipa, so technically you are renaming Netflix to Netflix

5) Extract the entire ZIP file somewhere.

6) Go into the extracted folder, then the Payload folder.There you'll see the folder containing the entire app.

7) Copy folder to your iPhone using SSH. After you SSH into your phone (I use WinSCP), navigate to:
/private/var/stash/Applications/, which is where the goes.

Interestingly, my iPhone didn't have this exact folder name. Rather I had these two folders:

Both of them had apps in them. Even duplicate apps. However, one of them had a later date, so I dropped the in there. So if you don't see /private/var/stash/Applications/ just copy the to the latest Applications folder according to modified date. If you don't see the icon on your Home Screen after step 9, just move the folder to the other folder and respring again.

8) Change permissions on the folder to 755 using this command:
chmod -R 755

Note: If you use the Terminal app on the iPhone to change permissions, make sure to run "su root" or else you will get this error: "Terminal problem. (operation not permitted)"

9) Respring (or restart) your phone.

The Netflix app should now appear on your home screen. If you attempt to launch the Netflix app directly, you'll probably see a 404 error on the top left corner with a white background. Don't worry though, you can get your glorious streaming Netflix. Continue reading!
10) Next install SBSettings and UAFaker via Cydia. If your iPhone is jailbroken you most likely already have SBSettings installed.

11) Time to fake the UserAgent so Netflix thinks your iPhone is an iPad.

12) Download my UAFaker.plist file and replace the one on your iPhone located at /private/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Toggles/UAFaker/

Alternatively, open your existing UAFaker.plist file, and replace the string that begins with "Mozilla/5.0 ...".
Replace the string with:
Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; U; CPU OS 3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/531.21.10 (KHTML, like Gecko) version/4.0.4 Mobile/7B367 Safari/531.21.10

13) Respring (or reboot) to make sure UAFaker is using your modified useragent.

14) Access SBSettings by swiping the top of your iPhone and make sure UAFaker is enabled (green).

15) Stream your favorite Netflix movies and TV shows. Just launch MobileSafari and browse to Simply click the blue Play button underneath a movie / TV show which will open the Netflix app.
Next you will see your iPhone say "authorizing":

Then your iPhone will say "Preparing":

And finally it will play in the Quicktime player.

When the movie ends or you click Done you return you to MobileSafari where you can pick the next movie / TV show. This is one of the coolest hacked apps for the iPhone. Wish Netflix would announce an official version, but this version works just fine for me. Bit of a battery hog, but it's worth it!

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