Run Windows Mobile on the iPhone

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Run Windows Mobile on the iPhone

Apparently, a young a Norwegian developer named Erik Kristiansen has developed an application that lets you run Windows Mobile on the iPhone! Now why would someone go and do something like that? How bout actual copy/paste that works, plus the ability to run 3rd party apps in the background? The video is an interview taken at MyPhone 2008 and he explains that he has essentially created bootcamp for the iPhone. When the phone powers on, you see the Windows and Apple logos allowing you to select between booting OS X and Windows Mobile. Of course, I doubt Apple and Microsoft use the same set of APIs to communicate with the dialer application. So if I launch the Windows Mobile dialer app from an iPhone, will it truly be able to dial out? The video interview does show the Windows Mobile dialer, but he doesn't actually dial out. Windows Mobile also won't take advantage of iPhone hardware such as multi-touch, which lets you zoom in/out with two fingers and other multi-touch tricks.

Still, for hardcore geeks, this could be something fun to try.

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