Skype Lite Java client

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Skype Lite Java client

skype-lite-java-client.jpgSkype announced Skype Lite for Java-enabled phones, including the Google Android, but it should also work on Windows Mobile with Java installed.

Skype Lite is the first native VoIP client using Java. I guess my prediction of a Flash-based Skype client was a little off. From a technical standpoint Java is better suited to an application than Flash, which is better at multimedia stuff.

In any event, Skype is submitting the app to Google's Android Market today according to Techchuck.

Since Skype Lite is Java-based, it should work on several mobile phone brands, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, and others. Don't expect the full-fledged features of the regular client though. Even the native Windows Mobile Skype client will have more features than the Java version. Still, this opens the door for Skype to be used on many phone devices.

Notice I didn't mention the Apple iPhone. Uhhh, Skype on the iPhone support anyone? Well, there are workarounds to get Skype running on the iPhone. Still, a native Skype client for the iPhone would be nice...

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