sipgate adds SIP-based VoIP support to iPhone

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sipgate adds SIP-based VoIP support to iPhone

sipgate iPhone VoIPsipgate iPhone Configure SIP settingssipgate iPhone Configure SIP settingssipgate today announced the a free VoIP application for the iPhone that they claim will allow consumers to use virtually every any VoIP service on the iPhone.

sipgate claims that iPhone users can make and receive VoIP calls from their phones over a Wi-Fi connection using any SIP-based VoIP provider. Unlike Truphone, another iPhone VoIP app, it doesn't appear you need to jailbreak your iPhone to enable SIP-based VoIP support that works with any SIP-based ITSP. In addition it comes with 111 minutes of domestic calling is included if you use sipgate's SIP-based service to test out the service.

Of course, as I have written before, this service will only work over a Wi-Fi connection and not the iPhone's cellular data connection. At the Apple iPhone SDK event, Steve Jobs stated that if someone develops a VoIP program for the iPhone, Apple will allow it if it goes over WiFi and not the cellular network. Apple will in fact BLOCK VoIP applications from running over the cellular data network.

Thilo Simon, CEO, sipgate said, "We love VoIP and we love the iPhone so we are giving people like us who always wanted VoIP on the iPhone the ability to use any SIP-based VoIP service they want. We are thrilled that Apple is opening up the iPhone and we look forward to taking part in future application development."

He added, "As a company we strive to make useful services accessible to everyone. There will be more innovation for businesses and consumers coming from sipgate this year, so keep your eyes open for more news."

In order to use the sipgate iPhone client they recommend that you update your iPhone's firmware to v1.1.4. How do you dial? Simple, with sipgate running you just prefix any number (other than 911) with an asterisk ('*'). When installed on your iPhone, sipgate will then route the call over Wi-Fi.

The sipgate service is currently in an invitation-only beta program.

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