Asterisk on Apple TV

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Asterisk on Apple TV

An interesting Apple TV hack from the AwkwardTV project features Asterisk running on an Apple TV box. The Asterisk story was Dugg over 500 times, as well as several other AwkwardTV posts, which caused the website to go gown (the Digg effect). Yet, when I go to the article, the screenshot of Asterisk running on Apple TV linked via doesn't work and the article is devoid of any specifics on how this Apple TV / Asterisk "hack" was done.
Apple TV
I'm not doubting l0rdr0ck was able to get Asterisk to run on Apple TV, I'm just disappointed I can't see the screenshot or learn more on how he did it, so I can try it myself. (Once I get my hands on an Apple TV). I'm still trying to figure out how useful integrating Asterisk onto Apple TV might be and all the possible "synergies". I suppose CallerID popup on the Apple TV is one simple hack. That and you get a nice little turnkey Asterisk box for your house. The Asterisk running on Apple TV hack reminds me of the popular hack that lets you run Asterisk on your home Linksys WRT54 broadband router simply by flashing the firmware (Asterisk on OpenWRT). Hackers and Asterisk fans are using Asterisk in their homes to control security systems, light fixtures, etc. via the X10 protocol. In any event, l0rdr0ck if you read this post, details please on the Asterisk/Apple TV hack. We need details...

Update: I now have a screenshot  I can share (Click for large image):

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