HiperPBX Bridges M2M and PBX Creating "Industrial Unified Communications"

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HiperPBX Bridges M2M and PBX Creating "Industrial Unified Communications"

HiperPBX's Gustavo Scheveloff, Sales Director gave me an introduction of HiperPBX at ITEXPO Miami 2014. Their solution is unique in that it's a VoIP PBX that not only features Unified Communications (UC), but it also sports some interesting M2M features. They have developed a software industrial module and defined a new concept - "Industrial Unified Communications", which leverages M2M.

It leverages mobile TCP & SNMP for monitoring devices, routers, switches and can send SMS, make a phone call or send an email if a machine has an error. In industrial environments it can be useful to monitor high temperature, humidity, switch not responding, machine under heavy load. Using HiperPBX you can essentially bridge IT (Information Technology) & control management of the factory, which have typically been two distinct camps.

Using HiperPBX you can also use SIP speakers for paging a certain sector of the factory to notify a special alerting condition, i.e. valve needs to be turned to relieve pressure. It also integrates with access control systems. The software in HyperPBX can let you control access on doors with RFID or PIN/keypad. One innovative approach is that it can play a message as you swipe your RFID door access key or enter your PIN. For instance, after swiping your card, it can say “Welcome Tom. You have voicemails waiting.” Or “You have a meeting, Tom”. It’s now a communications device – not just an authentication device.
The user interface lets your record prompts to a user profile in order to do this. I asked Gustavo Scheveloff about integrating with Exchange Calendar or other Calendars to automatically pull relevant upcoming meeting info and he said that is possible. He also mentioned TTS is coming so you don’t have to record prompts. Speech-recognition is also on the roadmap.

Gustavo explained that you can map an extension of the PBX to standard port using SNMP or mobile TCP. So if you dial x100 it turns off a light and if you dial x101 it turns it on.

Based on Asterisk, you can use an appliance or a virtualized instance. I mentioned to Gustavo Scheveloff that his solution reminded me of the old Centrex days of carrier hosted phone systems. HiperPBX is like Centrex Plus - now carriers can manage door access systems, alarm systems, M2M devices, PBX, unified communications, voicemail, etc. Definitely opens the door to carriers to offer managed "M2M & UC".

hiperpbx-cp-3000.pngTheir high-end CPU-3000 supports up to 4 T1/PRIs and 500 extensions. Full specs:

  • SIP, H.323 and IAX2
  • Up to 4 T1 interfaces
  • Web friendly interfase
  • Trunk support for SIP, H323 and IAX accounts
  • Up to 500 local extensions
  • Remote extensions support
  • Call Forward, transference and conference support
  • Personalized Dial Plan
  • Voice messaging for evey user/extension
  • VoiceMail to EMAIL functionality
  • Personalized IVR
  • Cluster configuration support for High Availability
  • Support for multiple codecs (GSM, ILBC, G.711a, G.711u, G.729, G.723.1)
XMarteK is their distributor and they use Sangoma hardware.

Check out Gustavo's introduction to HiperPBX:

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