Iotum integrates with Asterisk

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Iotum integrates with Asterisk

Iotum, winner of Internet Telephony’s Product of the Year Award and DEMOgod at DEMO 2006 has announced today the beta availability of the iotum relevance engine integration with the popular open-source Asterisk IP-PBX.

iotum's Asterisk integration module connects its call management applications to Asterisk IP-PBX's to assist users in prioritizing which calls are more important, and which can wait, based on who’s calling, and what the user is currently doing. This non-commercial beta will allow Asterisk users to filter, rank, and prioritize incoming calls using iotum as well as offer users the ability to easily schedule conference calls from within Microsoft Outlook using iotum's Pronto Conference Calling feature.

iotum's unique "Web 2.0" relevance engine which helps to prioritize calls has certainly garnered attention and awards from several media outlets. Certainly by integrating with Asterisk, iotum will garner plenty more attention, especially from the Asterisk community.

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