Mexuar Brings Java Click-to-Call to Asterisk

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Mexuar Brings Java Click-to-Call to Asterisk

Mexuar logoMexuar offers their Corraleta Technology SDK to enable developers experienced in using Asterisk to add click-to-call capabilities to the popular Asterisk platform. The Corraleta client downloaded to user's browsers when they click the click-to-call button features a very tiny footprint - just 125kb and is supported in all major browsers on Mac and Windows due to its Java code.  In addition the product features centralized management with all the config done on your website. It currently supports Asterisk’s native IAX protocol which allows for easy NAT/firewall traversal, though I'd like to see them also support SIP. It also features JavaScript and DHTML user interface that is skinnable. They claim integration into webpage permits interaction with web-apps using AJAX.

Corraleta Architecture

Here's how it works: Corraleta is a Java applet that sits on a telephony server, using Asterisk, and when a web visitor clicks on the button in the web page or CRM solution you can make a call in under 10 secs. There is no need to download and install software and due to the tiny applet size (125kb) it launches quickly.

The Corraleta technology comes in two parts:

· Mexuar Corraleta Technology SDK is a software development kit enabling you to skin your own web based phone, communication tools and click-to-talk solutions. It allows open source telephony integrators and Asterisk developers to implement “Click-to-Talk” applications

· Mexuar Corraleta Connect is a click-to-talk solution ready to be deployed to your telephony server complete with administration tools. This product was developed using Corraleta SDK.

They claim the Corraleta Technology SDK takes users from a web page to a VoIP call with a live customer service agent within 10 seconds, which is pretty impressive. These calls are pure IP from the web browser to the customer contact center PBX and are obviously free.

The Corraleta-developed application can be used to initiate UDP port 4569 IAX2 calls to the contact center via a button on a web page, or can trigger a callback from the contact center to the user's chosen telephone. The beauty of IAX2 is that it uses a single UDP port (4569) for both signaling/control and the audio stream which helps get pesky NAT firewalls..

In a nutshell, Mexuar's Corraleta Technology SDK will enable Asterisk users to configure Asterisk to accept IAX2 calls from any webpage using any browser with Java 1.4 and above. If the website viewer does not have a headset or mic a “two legged outbound call” can be initiated.
Corraleta web app For an actual live test, you can check out one of their client's site where you will experience automated recordings, DTMF and a full functional webphone keypad. The website is called Night Exchange, and I went to check it out to try it for myself. But I have to forewarn you it's a sexual-oriented online dating site. The graphic on the home page is PG-13 depicting a buxom blonde woman in a red halter top. Nothing too bad for work viewing, but nevertheless, I had to avert my eyes and focus on the task at hand. "I'm married damn it. Where's this damn VoIP applet? Must avoid looking at pretty blonde. Must avoid..." Yeah, yeah, so I'm a prude.

Though I should mention a co-worker, Lisa Rotella, sits right behind me and can see my screen. Even worse, my GN Netcom/Jabra 9350 headset just died and I had to use my desktop speakers to listen to the website's 2-way VoIP audio, which features a titillating female voice for their IVR. Just to prevent any misunderstanding, I had to come clean and show her what I was up to so she didn't think I was visiting sexual-oriented websites at work. Gotta test this VoIP stuff ya know! It's a hard job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Anyway, while on the site I had to select a town & state and then click the Connect button. I reached a female IVR which pitches their dating services and allows you to press certain keys on the red dialpad to traverse the IVR and sample some of their services for free. If you want to join you have to give a credit card. I didn't get that far - obviously. But the sound quality was pretty good and the keypad worked very well. I assume I was connected to an Asterisk-based IP-PBX via the Web -- so in theory I could use the PSTN & call Night Exchange's phone number and traverse the same IVR the old fashioned way. Actually, let me try that. Yep, just called 888-988-1110 and it appears to be the same auto-attendant.

If you have no interest in viewing buxom blondes, especially while at work, you can check out the Corraleta Connect flash demo instead. (note: It took 30s to load so it's a fairly large Shockwave file so be patient while loading...)

Mexuar now offers turn key solutions for the customers' specific requirements and will provide consulting, documentation, programming, development, integration to existing systems, installation, and more. Finally, Mexuar has a simple licensing model - it's Per Asterisk Server (it’s tied to the external IP address of your Asterisk server when you order the license). Other than this, there are no restrictions. If interested in click-to-call capabilities using Asterisk along with Asterisk's native IAX2 protocol, then Mexuar is worth checking out.

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