Simicomm a covert Asterisk player?

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Simicomm a covert Asterisk player?

Ok, just got this press release emailed to me about Simicomm releasing their beta 15 minute VoIP system which automatically installs via a bootable CD. Sounds familiar? It should. Both AsteriskNOW and trixbox offer bootable plug-and-play easy-to-use Asterisk-based solutions. The release itself doesn't really mention Asterisk by name, however it mentions Digium hardware in passing. This says to me it is indeed a forked Asterisk distribution. My guess is that they took the open source Asterisk code and tweaked it and are offering it as a "no hassle easy to install VoIP phone system". Ok, so what's so special about this easy-to-install VoIP phone system vs. AsteriskNOW or trixbox? I checked out their website to see if I could see some screenshots but there's nothing there. I couldn't even find Asterisk mentioned anywhere on their website. If they are using Asterisk that should be marketed front-and-center on their website - I shouldn't have to go looking for it. Their forums have pretty much no threads. Ok, I'm not going to knock Simicomm too hard before finding out more, but it all seems a bit sketchy to me. Read the release and decide for yourself. If I find out more I'll let you know by updating this post.

Update: My speed-reading through press releases has bit me again. I get way too many.  The release does indeed mention Asterisk. My bad. I depended on my email search function and searched the press release for the word “asterisk” and it didn’t come up since the release sent to me had a B in it (AsteriskB). There was a character conversion issue with a trademark or copyright symbol in the original release. I still don't see Asterisk mentioned on their website however. That's where most people would come across this company versus a press release. So I think it should still be clearer on their website that they leverage Asterisk.

Releases Beta of 15 Minute VoIP System Tech Challenged SMBs Offered No Hassle, Full Featured VoIP Phone System

Madison, WI – July 31, 2007 – Born to remove the complexity of VoIP solutions, Simicomm(TM) today announced EasySpeak PBX, a software-based phone management system. This complete plug-and-play VoIP PBX provides a low-cost alternative to small to medium businesses. The EasySpeak software can be completely installed, including fully automated phone configuration, in only 15 minutes!

The solution is designed for enterprises without the technical abilities to implement or maintain phone systems. It provides resellers with a low cost, reliable solution for companies looking to migrate slowly into a VoIP infrastructure. Based on the AsteriskB open source PBX, EasySpeak works with both VoIP and analog phones. A novice-tested, web-based toolbox enables simple configuration and management.

"We recognize there are many solutions targeting small businesses,” noted Dennis Barnum, CEO of Simicomm. "Our goal was to create something that removes the complexity for a non-technical audience and make it affordable.”

EasySpeak PBX (300 MB file) is downloaded from, and burned to a CD. The CD is loaded onto a (dedicated) server, which will run through the installation steps automatically. Just plug the phones and Internet into the Ethernet ports (1 and 0 respectively) and you're ready to go. To use analog phones, a line card (i.e. Digiuma analog telephony devices) is required. Telephones will automatically register and be assigned extensions in the order they are connected. Changing of extensions and management of other features can be made by logging into the web-based toolbox.

EasySpeak PBX contains the features of the high-end solutions, including: Auto Attendant, Web Access to Voicemail, Music-on-Hold, Blind Transfer, T-38 Fax support, Call Forward/Forward on Busy, Call Parking, Call Queuing, Call Routing (DID & ANI), Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Caller ID Blocking, Caller ID on Call Waiting, Roaming Extensions, Assisted Transfer, Three-way Calling and high-end Voicemail functionality.

A free 14-day trial of EasySpeak is available through for a limited time.

About Simicomm
Simicomm is a telecommunications software company focused on providing hassle free VoIP solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Simicomm is the creator of the EasySpeak 15-minute VoIP phone system. Please visit for additional information.

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