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trixbo Pro updates

Kerry Garrison blogged about some major updates to trixbox Pro, and Asterisk-based IP-PBX. He also told me, "The highlights being the ability to take a phone right out of the box, plug it into your network and automatically provisions itself with the next available extension. This is a major time saver for installers as it creates the phone device, creates an extension, and maps the phone to it. It takes less than a minute for the entire process and the phone is ready to make and receive phone calls. The beauty is that this works with Polycom, Aastra, some Cisco phones, Snom, and Swissvoice phones. With Aastra phones you don’t even need a DHCP server pushing out option 66. During a fresh install of trixbox Pro, the system will detect and configure any phones it finds on the network."

In addition to the auto-provisioning for several popular VoIP phones, trixbox Pro also added the ability to add unlimited VoIP accounts on all editions. Nice!

See Kerry's post for a list of the other new stuff in the latest edition.

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