Interactive Intelligence launches Quick Spin, a Cloud-based Unified Communications Trial Program

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Interactive Intelligence launches Quick Spin, a Cloud-based Unified Communications Trial Program


Interactive Intelligence today launched Quick Spin, a trial program that enables organizations to try their communications-as-a-service (CaaS) service for free. Interactive Intelligence gave me a demo of Quick Spin last week and I was pretty impressed. It features unified communications (UC), auto-attendant, presence, conferencing, desktop call control, unified messaging, ACD, skills-based routing, call and screen recording, workforce management, and more.

One really interesting feature included in Quick Spin is negative and positive word/phrase analysis. Using in-house developed real-time word spotting technology, Quick Spin can flag/route a negative call ("Speak to your manager", "Cancel service") to an appropriate agent or manager. Unlike some solutions, it's real-time analysis during the call and not post-recording analysis when you've likely lost the customer.

Interactive Intelligence explained that their CaaS revenue grew 58% in the first six months of 2011 and CaaS order made up 26% of total order dollar volume. in the same time frame. Further, they states that their CaaS turn over rate is less than 4%. Their CaaS offering provides cloud-based communications applications both for contact centers and enterprises, along with flexible deployment models for migrating between cloud, premise, and hybrid configurations. One key point that stressed is their use of virtual machines for each customer as opposed to a multi-tenant architecture. This keeps the data completely separate and more secure.

Creating the IVR menus, agents, and agents skillsets was very easy to do. During my online demo Interactive Intelligence added a a few agents, assign skills, and which DTMF/touch-tones get routed to which workgroups. We were up and running in less than 30 minutes.

The web-based Interaction Client is very powerful and gives agents full desktop control, presence, chat, on-demand recording, and more. Here's a screenshot of it: (click for larger view)

“We designed Quick Spin so organizations can more easily conduct their due diligence process as they consider migrating to a cloud-based communications solution,” said Interactive Intelligence chief marketing officer, Joe Staples. “The beauty of the program is that configuration is straightforward -- organizations can get up and running in as little as 30 minutes -- yet users still get to sample the many sophisticated CaaS applications we offer, such as skills-based routing, real-time word spotting, supervisory monitoring, a feature-rich Web client, and extensive reporting.”

Quick Spin features are a sub-set of those included with the Interactive Intelligence CaaS offering and are designed to give trial users a taste of the full functionality of the company’s hosted services. Interactive Intelligence CaaS features include virtually all of the vendor’s premise-based functionality, such as IVR, multichannel routing, quality monitoring, outbound predictive dialing, customer feedback surveys, unified messaging, and conferencing.

“We designed our CaaS offering to address customer needs for flexibility, control, security, and reliability,” Staples said. “Our Quick Spin program builds on these benefits by giving organizations the kind of hands-on experience that will further maximize the success of their migration to cloud-based communications.”

The Quick Spin trial requires a user qualification process, includes 14 days or 2,500 minutes and is limited to 10 users, 3 workgroups, 5 skills, and 10 phrases/keywords. It will be due for general availability in Q4 2011. For more information about the Interactive Intelligence CaaS offering, head over to

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